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  1. What is the problem here? "Downloading file : 604th Special Operations Squadron A-37A Dragonfly for WOV" "You are about to download the file '604th Special Operations Squadron A-37A Dragonfly for WOV'. Please take a moment to review the following disclaimer. Afterwards click the 'Download File' button to download the file." ... no disclaimer appears, nor does a 'Download File' button.

    I've used EndItAll and prefer over Alacrity only because it's a 'one click' utility. Alacrity has more bells and whistles and, if I recall correctly, needs to be setup for your rig. I could be wrong here, as it was a long time ago that I looked at Alacrity.
  3. Thank you, those are great. But I meant the background chatter, not the speech (you can hear it as soon as the video begins). At one point in the WoV video you hear someone say, "where you at, motherf****krs?" That's not in the speech pack!
  4. Very nice! Where did you get the background radio chatter?
  5. Ahah! The lightbulb over my head just exploded... Many thanks!!!
  6. Charlie's Aces is an update/expansion to Aces of North Vietnam. It includes Vietnamese voice pack, music, etc.
  7. Well, no joy on the above. Strange thing is that in the VIETNAMSEA_TARGETS.ini file ALL airbases (both friendly and enemy) use VIETNAMSEA_AIRFIELD1, 2, etc. .ini files. Why the NVAF aircraft are treated differently from the US aircraft, when they are both using the same airfield.ini files, is beyond me. (BTW the .cat file does include airfield1.ini, airfield2.ini, etc. but if I try to use those (instead of the vietnamsea_airfield entries), then ALL aircraft (both NVAF and US) have the problem I described. Unless somebody has a better idea, I give up and will begin all missions in the air.
  8. Yes, WoV and stock terrain. Problem happens repeatedly in both campaign and single missions. I'll try what was suggested in the above post and see what happens.
  9. I've just begun playing with the "Charlie's Aces" campaign and I find that if I try to begin a mission on the ground, my plane and all of my wingmen start off in the exact same spot in the middle of the runway. If I let autopilot try to take off, the plane veers off the runway and races cross-country. Obviously there's something wrong with the terrain and/or airbase setup (I'm using the Green Hell 2 mod). Where do I go to track down and fix the problem? And, yes, I did do a forum search and didn't find anything helpful. Thanks in advance!
  10. Definitely can't wait for this one, but there seems to be something missing... Whatever happened to the F-117 that someone was once working on?
  11. Yes, I'd remembered having seen it a long time ago. I searched and searched, but couldn't find it, so here it is.
  12. Here's how I added an audible RWR to the U-2A (just the warning sound -- I don't need a display). To the avionics.ini file, I added: [TextureData] RWRTexture=cockpit\F-4E_rwr.bmp and [RWR] Type=3_RING AirSearchTexture=RWRair1.tga AirTrackTexture=RWRair2.tga AirLockTexture=RWRair2.tga GroundSearchTexture=RWRground1.tga GroundTrackTexture=RWRground2.tga GroundLockTexture=RWRground2.tga SearchPosition=0.90 TrackPosition=0.55 LockPosition=0.15 SearchSize=0.075 TrackSize=0.075 LockSize=0.075 SearchFlash=FALSE TrackFlash=TRUE TrackFlashRate=0.2 LockFlash=TRUE LockFlashRate=0.1 TrackSound=RWRTrackSound.wav LockSound=RWRLockSound.wav [RWRTrackSound] Priority=HIGH 3DSound=FALSE Looped=TRUE NumBuffers=1 [RWRLockSound] Priority=HIGH 3DSound=FALSE Looped=TRUE NumBuffers=1 Also, I had to add "AvionicsDataFilename=U-2_AVIONICS.ini" to the U-2A.ini file; for some reason it was missing. Thought I'd pass this along since I had such trouble getting it to work.
  13. Here's a pic with the brakes out. Notice where they are!
  14. Hmmm... Can't find the updated Falkland Islands terrain. Can anyone point me to it?
  15. "Unexpected end of archive" There seems to be a file missing from the Firecage Green folder.

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