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  1. Maybe someone will update that mod for 1982 for you.
  2. Me too. I'm not expecting fleet defender, but something the same vibe. I'll have Russians by Sting, ready to go though....
  3. Ah I see. Thanks I never actually tried it with harrier. Though I do like to fly the harrier. Funny what it says on Wiki about the nicknames of the Yak...
  4. I can't find what your replying to. The Yak can do what?
  5. Because the multi player is gone, the option to connect to a view as a specator isn't there either.
  6. Sound like he's spoofing. There nothing in the game engine to support it. AFAIK. Otherwise people would have done it long before now.
  7. I should add, that my laptop only has a GS 7900 which ins't dx10, but its running Windows 7 and has a dual2 ore 2ghz. so I think thats why I'm seeing better performance in WOV2 than WOV1
  8. Sorry for the rookie question but whats DIANE? and Sorry for dragging this topic off topic btw. The avionics in games like Tornado, or F15III were great fun. Love to recreate those sims Gulf War missions, and in a F111.
  9. Lol. all true. I've become used to flying the Thud, when I rarely use the gun at all. A2A opportunities rarely arise, and if you hang around to go A2G with the gun its usually a short mission. I also have a history of playing DID Tornado, and even F15 III, where like wise getting the bombs on target was your sole aim. So the lack of a gun never bothered me. In the VOW1 some of the A-6 missons are at night. A2G with a gun would be pretty hairy at night!
  10. Same here. Especially as Windows 7 runs as well on older machine as XP does.

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