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  1. HARM's...

    Try not to aim it so high when firing at over the horizon radars. :v
  2. I also enjoy the mercenary mechanic (and the ability to apply to any other campaign with the DLC campaign customizer.)
  3. Hi there. Is there any way to modify pilot roster attributes or figure out what effect they have on the AI wingmen? As in, what does morale, skill, experience and command contribute to the flight? On some missions I have noticed lower-skilled pilots taking longer to achieve a stable climb after shooting off the carrier.
  4. So I try to add carrier task forces to the '75 stock Desert Fury campaign. That goes well enough, task group added. But when I select a US Navy squadron, it has me spawn in very bottom left corner of the map. I downloaded someone else's .ini edits to CAMPAIGN5.ini and CAMPAIGN5_DATA.ini files and compared them to mine... there was no difference, except when I used the downloaded ones, I would spawn on carriers. What am I missing? D: Using SF2:NA.
  5. Is it possible to mod the in-flight map to get more zoom-out/in capability?
  6. Well, my campaign data flies in the face of what you say: Fixed wing marine attack squadron one two one, Green Knights, as shown here, should be based at "D10 Airfield." However... I'd like to point out, again, that my game is full merged, every module and expansion pack. Your guide implies that it should be done in a game without SF2:NA assets present, when mine does. Also, before I made the edit to one USN aircraft for it to be carrier-based, just the squadron I was trying to place would show up also as an AI unit on the task force, but ONLY that unit. After I made the changes, all USN and USMC aircraft were based out of the CVBG, as you can see.
  7. Is the command "ACQUIRE_VISUAL_TARGET_ON_RADAR" functional? I can not get this to work no matter what key I map it to. Usual process is to select a target using visual commands and then hit the key assigned to it but it never acquires itself on the radar.
  8. :O Yes, adding "CarrierBased=TRUE NavalUnitID=1 ShipID=1" to a USN unit in the campaign data file worked. Apparently it only needs one unit to have that specification because I can select other squadrons not actually placed in the data file and fly them off the carrier. Odd.
  9. Won't let me upload soo... [CampaignData] StartDate=06/01/1975 StartDateDeviation=5 ForceWithInitiative=2 SurpriseAttack=FALSE NavalCampaign=TRUE MaxMissions=30 NormalMissionRate=3 NormalMissionRateDeviation=2 OffensiveMissionRate=1 OffensiveMissionRateDeviation=1 StartScreen=CampaignStart2.JPG CampaignEndWinScreen=CampaignEndWin1.JPG CampaignEndLoseScreen=CampaignEndLose1.JPG CampaignEndStallScreen=CampaignEndLose1.JPG CampaignEndKIAScreen=CampaignEndLose1.JPG CampaignEndWinText=Campaign1Win.txt CampaignEndLoseText=Campaign1Lose.txt CampaignEndStallText=Campaign1Stall.txt [NavalUnit001] UnitName=CVBG-14 ForceID=1 Nation=USN RandomChance=100 MaxObjects=7 Experience=100 Morale=100 Supply=100 Intelligence=100 StartPosition=400000.0,700000.0 ObjectivePosition=400000.0,700000.0 HomePortPosition=0.0,200000.0 Ship[01].Type=CVA-63 Ship[01].Name=USS America Ship[01].Number=63 Ship[01].Texture=USNGrey1 Ship[02].Type=CGN-36 Ship[02].Name=USS California Ship[02].Number=36 Ship[02].Texture=USNGrey1 Ship[03].Type=CGN-36 Ship[03].Name=USS Texas Ship[03].Number=39 Ship[03].Texture=USNGrey1 Ship[04].Type=Spruance Ship[04].Name=USS Caron Ship[04].Number=970 Ship[04].Texture=USNGrey1 Ship[05].Type=Spruance Ship[05].Name=USS Comte de Grasse Ship[05].Number=974 Ship[05].Texture=USNGrey1 Ship[06].Type=Spruance Ship[06].Name=USS John Rodgers Ship[06].Number=983 Ship[06].Texture=USNGrey1 Ship[07].Type=Spruance Ship[07].Name=USS Peterson Ship[07].Number=969 Ship[07].Texture=USNGrey1 That's from the CAMPAIGN5_DATA.ini file. [CampaignData] CampaignName=750601 Desert Fury DataFile=Campaign5_Data.ini CampaignMap=DESERT NavalCampaign=TRUE Historical=FALSE Service001=USAF Service002=USN Service003=USMC Service004=Merc Force001=Kingdom of Dhimar Force002=Empire of Paran
  10. Yeah, everything matches up. Except it still puts my aircrafts' starting position at the bottom-left most corner of the map.
  11. Fa-18 Superhornet avionics mod v1.0

    Umm.. that's not a Super hornet 'pit. :<

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