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  1. Hi Managed to get it working, found a solution on this forum, My link Follow the link if anyone else is having trouble getting shoot to run on windows 7.
  2. Hi I have downloaded this, and all the required programs in the read me. When i try to load the SF2 profile it throws up an error and won't go any further. I'm running windows 7, is there anything that i need to do to get it to run on 7? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Jools
  3. Hi all I have never posted a mod on this site, but i have downloaded plenty, I have been coming to this site 5/6 years now which i discovered quite by accident, and so glad i did! All you modders keep this sim alive and kicking. I can remember playing SFP1 years ago dumb bombs only (and missing many targets), then discovering this site and hay presto LGBs flying everywhere fantastic. And then the planes OH the planes. And where else is this 35 year old short sighted guy going to get to steam around the middle east blowing stuff up. Seriously though guys. The work you do is fantastic and don't take any notice of those few idiots that live to p@ss others off. When they themselves can produce a better DS mod let me know. I won't hold my breath though. Keep all the mods coming Jools
  4. Hi there I thinks LGB or GBU should do it.
  5. Thanks Thundercheif I guessed that was the case, as someone would have come up with it by now. just thought i would ask Thaks again Jools
  6. Hi all Is it possible to make an aircraft mounted gun (eg on Cobra or Hind helos) track ground targets, or are they only to able to be static on the aircraft? Thanks Jools
  7. Thanks Wrench Never tried modding anything before so thanks for all the tips. I''l probably be back in a while with a whole host of problems that i have created Thanks again Jools
  8. Hi all. This may be the wrong place for this, but does anyone know if you can change the size of the airfields in the game. The aircraft in the game can be set for minimum base size. so for instance is it possible to set only one base in the game to large, so that only this base will allow the larger aircraft to operate from it during missions? Thanks Jools
  9. F/A-18F

    Great bird. Been waiting for this for a long time. Thank you.
  10. Thank You MK2

    Thanks for everything. Dont post very often, but love this site
  11. Hello Does anyone know how to stop aircraft swaying from side to side when flying in formation. Haven't noticed this before when flying smaller aircraft. Just seems to be the larger bombers, B17, B29 etc. Any ideas Jools
  12. Hi Is it possible to limit the number of aircraft in a flight,i.e is it possible to have just your own atrcraft carry out a mission without the rest of the flight present. Jools
  13. EA-6b

    Cool, Thanks guys.

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