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  5. A question for the tech gurus here. I just got back in the cockpit seat after a long time.installed SF2,SF2israel,SF2Europe,SF2Vietnam and all updates including the lateset. I've played with it with a Thrustmaster usb simple stick and everything worked nice. Then i remembered i had my X52 somewhere so i disconnected the TMuster usb and connected the X52.tested it in windows 7 and it works just fine. The problem is that when i start a mission in the sim the AC rolls right automaticly without me even touching the stick. :blink: Can anyone help with this issue ? I can't seem to figure out whats wrong here. :help:
  6. I recently updated to the last july 2013 update for the SF2 merged install. Now when i try to install my SF2NA_setup the installer says that it can't go on installing this older version on the new merged install. What should i do ? Is there a workaround for this issue ?
  7. After testing the issue in Falcon 4 also, i can definetly say that it's a hall sensor issue OK, After trying all kinds of stuff including disassambling the x52 stick and trying to do somthing, i can honestly say that it's a hall sensor issue. Also tried the deadzone option but the problem is that the pitch up and roll right are jumping from 0% to 100% without any linear increment. That's when i decided to put the x52 stick away and use the TM usb until i'll have some time to deal with the problem.So now i use the simple TM stick and the x52 throtle. That realy works great.
  8. Tried that but no go. It stays the same. I'll try to get and install the new drivers but i'm realy sceptic.Though i realy hope it'll solve it. Thanks guys.
  9. Yes,it seems like it's the rudder but when i check it in the X52 preferences in win7 it looks steady. Is it possible that the Win7 test isn't accurate enough ?

    Happy New Year to all you crazy simmers. Cheers.
  11. Happy Hanukkah

    Hanuka Sameach Silverbolt and all CA members. BTW,great poster man.I'm with you on the "low polygon" campaign.
  12. Well,as someone wrote in a song : "Welcome my son,welcome to the machine". As the others said,try the awsome quantity of the mods and comunity addons,this will be a joyride for you. Stay tuned.
  13. I'm greatfull to Oli and TMF for bringing all of us their excellent MODS. He will be greatly missed.My dippesed condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.
  14. Oh maaaan. It's about time.These two weeks had been the longest i can remember. This weekend works for me fine.
  15. I would have agreed to everything TK wants if only i knew we will get the A-4N model complete with the pit. Oh,well.... Who knows ? Maybe we're in for a surprise.
  16. Saw the debate on Thirdwire and it seems to me that "AYIT" is the right way to write it foneticaly. It sound more acurate than "AHIT". I think TK should fix that issue because this word is a representation of the hebrew word "עייט" , and "AYIT" sound more acurate. That said i rest my case for now.
  17. September Birthdays

    Happy B day to all Virgo'a out there. Turned 39 today and the meter still keeps running.
  18. Good Lord TMF,you knocked me off my feet once again. This bird is SMOKIN. Great work guys.
  19. Happy Birthday Wilco.

    Happy birthday Wilco my friend. Here's for a lot more mods, birthdays and to friendship. Good luck in all your doings. Alex.
  20. Happy Birthday ST0RM

    Happy Birthday Storm.
  21. Great work DS team. Your work is admireable. Thanks for this wonderfull MOD. :-).
  22. Happy Birthday Veltro2k

    Happy Birthday Man. Keep up the good work.
  23. Happy birthday to.....

    Happy birthday guys. For many more to come.;-)
  24. Same here.I had the X52 for about 2 years still live and kicking (nock on wood). I'd recommend a new X52 or a filight stick + throtle from CH.
  25. Your first combat flight sim...

    Oh ,let me try to remember what went on 25 years ago. Oh yhe,I think it was Super Huey on the Commodore 64,then the F-15 Strike Eagle but i'm not realy sure about this. Even programed a realy simple wireframe sim on the Commodore 128 a couple of years later. Those were the fun days.Everything was simple and naive .

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