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  1. Sikorsky and Anatra upgrades

    Wow! Superb work!
  2. I've no doubt its been said before....but, Quack, this community is extraordinarily fortunate to have you and people like you, and to benefit from all the hard work that you put into developing these highly realistic skins and campaigns. Maximum respect, and I'm sure the finished campaign will be well worth waiting for. Thank you. I've seen the discussions on terrains elsewhere on these forums, and the difficulties of developing a purpose-built Italian terrain. Its a slight drawback, of course, especially as Caporetto is the only campaign of its type in any WW1 sim, and is set to develop further. and especially when so many terrains have been developed for the other Thirdwire sims. But, the Vosgen terrain looks terrific with all the updates, and I know that I'll continue to enjoy the development of this mod/ campaign, regardless. Thanks again for all your excellent work.
  3. Aaaaah, all becomes clear! Thanks, Quack, should be nice and easy, I've already got the necessary permissions over at the A Team site, and you're right, its well worth it!!! In fact, lately I've had a bit of a break from FE, because I've been enjoying their terrific all-in-one Spanish Civil War mod. Biplanes that fly really fast? Just too tempting! Anyway, back on topic, I vaguely remember reading something on here about plans to update the Caporetto campaign to include all these beautiful Aviatiks and Phonixes, and the various FliKs that flew them. Does anyone know if this is the case?
  4. Hi Quack, Great skin packs, installed into FEG OK, all looking superb, with one minor problem: on the early models with the wing-mounted Schwarzlose/ Lewis, the gun is'nt showing up. Nothing happens when I fire the gun in-game, so its not like its there and not showing, if you get my drift, its just not there at all. It shows up in the loadout, on the loadout screen, but does'nt appear in-game. I followed the readme in both parts closely, and everything else looks OK, this is the only problem I've encountered. Thanks, Del.
  5. email sent, still had yr email from when you very kindly sent me those pilot skins and LOD's. Thanks again for that!
  6. Wow, Whiteknight, that Roland DVI skin looks superb!!! Splendid work, the wood textures in particular look very, very good indeed!
  7. Currently installing Caporetto, and loving what I've seen so far. ( Its taking me a bit of time to get everything working right in my FE plus Exp install) I really appreciate all the hard work that's gone into this campaign and all those amazing skins, it all looks fantastic!
  8. ScoutC1

    From the album FE Screenshots

  9. Caporetto Spad

    From the album FE Screenshots

  10. Only one book about WW1 mentioned so far, so I'd like to put in a word for "Winged Victory" by Victor Maslin Yeates, V.M.Yeates TE Lawrence called the book "an imperishable pleasure". An anonymous RAF fighter pilot speaking in 1941 said it was "the only book about flying that is'nt flannel." Yeates flew 248 hrs on Camels with 46 Sqn. on the Western Front, then wrote probably one of the best books ever about flying, and about the Great War in general. Strictly speaking it's a novel and therefore fiction, but as an historical account of life in a frontline RFC squadron, I've yet to read anything better. I think it was fictionalised largely for the sake of the feelings of relatives, families etc....but some characters are clearly identifiable. For example, the squadron's fictional CO, Beal, is very clearly identifiable as Sidney Phillip Smith, who was Yeates' own CO.... until he became Von Richtofen's 76th kill. It may be fiction, but its also as real as it gets.
  11. wingedvictory yeates

    From the album FE Screenshots

  12. Excellent shot !!! That's the way to do it, get in close and blast 'em ! And if your Hun made it back to base, I'll bet his first port of call was to drop his overalls off at the laundry... Mine are usually snap-shots when someone accidentally strays across my nose..... while I'm in the usual vertical turn trying not to get shot down by his chums...
  13. Thanks, yes, much more delicate-looking aircraft than the pugnacious-looking Camel. Looking forward to trying it out against the albatri, if I live through 1915 !
  14. Pups

    From the album FE Screenshots

  15. Armchair aces 1915

    YAY!!!! That's solved it! Thank you, Ojcar, you da man!!!
  16. Armchair aces 1915

    Hi all, First off: Ojcar, THANK YOU for all your hard work in making these campaigns: the whole air war in flyable missions? Amazing!!!!! Now: I'm having one slight problem with getting Armchair Aces 1915 to work properly: I get all the Vogesen missions showing up, nothing wrong with them, they all work perfectly .And they're great, thoroughly enjoying those!!! Unfortunately, the Flanders and Verdun missions just don't show up in the drop-down menu in-game. Now, I knew I'd run into problems as my install is FE+ 2008 Exp ack, and the campaign was designed for FE2. So I was ultra-careful about the install, downloaded everything specified in the readme, checked and re-checked that I'd followed all the steps, made sure the aircraft names matched etc, and I must've done something right, because, as I say, the Vogesen missions work fine. I should add that my Flanders and Verdun terrains work just fine in Single Mission mode, and with the stock FE campaigns, its only the Armchair Aces missions that won't show up for these two. I'm just wondering whether it may be because Armchair Aces comes with a campaign-specific Target.ini for Vogesen, but not for the other two? Anyway, I'm stumped , and would be extremely grateful for any help or advice. Thanks, guys.
  17. Here's another screenie, mostly unedited this time!
  18. Nieuport 11

    From the album FE Screenshots

  19. Fascinating, I was unaware of the noise mod ! Looks very interesting, I shall have to give it a go. Actually my mud-effect was just a simple generic soil texture from here: CGTextures , useful site to know about. But I''ve made no attempt to use it in-game, just as an edit of a screenshot. Still, it gives one an idea of what may be possible. Anyway the texture I used was this one.
  20. 33 Lima, those are indeed Jan Tuma's tiles, but sadly the ground was an effect I edited in, the original was just a brown blur and looked awful, just one of the limitations of FE. I suppose it might just about be possible to use a texture like this in the airfield bmp's....but the airfield tile would have to be huge, 2048 at least, and the textures would still look blurry or pixelated close-up. So a little enhancement to give the right WW1 feel, I can't help myself, sorry :-) Gustav, I'm fairly certain the sky I'm using is this: realistic sky mod. ( It was a long time ago, I've had the sim since 2007, downlaoded a few mods back then, but only recently got seriously into it!) I also use the IL2 clouds mod. Most of my screens are taken with the weather set to either "scattered" or "broken". I'll have to admit to some minimal editing of the sky in my screenshots, but nothing radical, just warming up the tones a little to remove the slight blue colour cast, but this is pretty much how the skies look in-game. One of the best mods ever. Oh, and thank you, Whiteknight, the rudder mod works beautifully!!!
  21. Thank you, Whiteknight, I'll have a look at that. I've had the "invisible pilot" problem with this aircraft as well, and the pilot files I'm using at the moment have shoulders that show through the cockpit (edited out of my screenies, until I get it fixed.) My FE installation seems to lack the WWGerPilot bmp and LOD....so I'm still hunting for that too..

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