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  1. Flight Simulator 2004 goes gold

    this one... may be i will not buy, for one simple reason, my CPU can handle it :( ... im wondering if im gonna get 1.5 FPS on lomac!! if anyone test this wonderful civilian thing and run well, give me a call. hehehehehehe even the Fs2k2 get some freezes, mostly when im landing... and then generally i crash, because i lose the control when it freezes... hahahaha :shock: i just hope that my cpu can generate in low details at least 15 FPS. Oh...by the way i heard that microsft will launch a special pack for brazilians(the same case above ehehehe) because they received a lot of e-~mails questioning this little "missing" detail... I have readed on www.aerovirtual.com.br some time ago... it was a offical e-mail that come form microsoft... i just dont know if they are going to make the special pack, or just sended that mail to calm the storm... i think that the most important for now is the release date so here is my paleolitc CPU Amd Athlon 700MHZ 128 RAM max. 512 HD 25 GB Geforce Ti 4600 MOBO Via something-that-i-dont-know
  2. Flight Simulator 2004 goes gold

    did i mention that i just whanted to say my opinion, that i dont whant to change any mind? sorry, if you couldn't understand that, i repeated... if not, im gonna repeat again ohh..btw, MadJeff... thx, you have a good base and respected my point of view!
  3. Flight Simulator 2004 goes gold

    i dont whant to start a war here... hehehe... but let me just made some "things" clear well, i know that changing a american mind about Wirght's fly is impossible, so i accept the ideology... but here are some links that may be for some interests for some people hoo! btw santos dumont invented the Aileron(aile is "wings" in french... so aileron is "little wings") and the WristWatch( http://www.maria-brazil.org/santos.htm ) http://www.ncsu.edu/news/press_releases/03_05/143.htm --Documentary about a american that defend the Santos Dumont first powered, controlled and sutained flight ... http://www.maria-brazil.org/sdumont.htm -- a little about the history http://www.x-plane.org/users/lemonade/14bi...s_us.html#start -- here you can see what im talking about... and the "catapult" used by the Wirghts http://www.discoverychannelenlinea.com/san.../feature1.shtml -- even with this links up there you dont belive me... what about the european discovery webpage? is in spanish... sooo use altavista translator hehehehe there is in portuguese too, but, i think the spanish is more viable to the americans....because is the second most useful lengauge in the world http://www.brasilemb.org/brazil_usa_war.shtml --- a little about the hisotry of both countries brasil and EUA ... and in the end, the santos dumont flight http://www.fab.mil.br/acms/clientes/maer/c...umont/index.htm --- from the brazilian air force... about santos dumont, in portuguese and a little off-topic http://www.fab.mil.br/acms/clientes/maer/c...usmao/index.htm --- the father of the aerostation... ook... the ballon crazy gauy hueuhehueuhe.....
  4. Flight Simulator 2004 goes gold

    the only thing that make sense on this sim is the update and some classical planes... but saying "THE FIRST POWERED FLIGHT" is a joke...sincerily, it appear that the programmers of microsoft dont know nothing about world history... sincerily, every day it pass microsft surprise more and more... even with this graphics, but i think that the CORRECT history is more necessary than having a "good grpahics" the FIRST powered flight was made on 1906, the kitty hwak, was PLANER using a catapult, even existed wheels, the wright brothers never let any people to assist they flights BEFORE 1908, it is when they show the first photo of the suposed flight in 1903... but well, the only thing that wirght borthers do was iventing the planer.... sooooo the correct one is the 14º Bis of Santos Dumont, very well documented, and he won the prize of his time... haaa, the french scientist offered to everyone a prize who could beat the scpecifications... only santos dumont won and pariticipated on the show... the wirghts didn't even appeared... ah, the money wasn«t the problem, if they go and won the prize they will receive more money, sufficent to pay the debts and still have some more quantity to do somehting else...
  5. i was making the ERJ135/140/145/175/190/195 , EMB 145 AEW&C EMB 145 RS/AGS and P 99 from Embraer (www.embraer.com) i has everything, and info, texture... everything, the model have high pol count... has a virtual cockpit...everything for FS2002 ... theeennn my PC crashed in general... on formating will bring him back. Since this day, i never modeled again, and i think that i will not do it anymore, i get too frustated
  6. excellent! you have say everything! another thing is the phantom II ... this plane is oustanding!
  7. ok... I dont know if this link will worth for something, but here it is http://www.rudnei.cunha.nom.br/FAB/port/f-5.html
  8. the hpg server is free and ilimitated, sooo... dont expect to download fast the files hehehe... even for me, with cable i have some difficulties... that why i dont relase my skins on hpg server and even to upload, is like a hell...
  9. okkkk.-.... i dont know how do i installl that thing... but... is this normal???
  10. i have, again congratulate you... this is realy a nice addon/mod for SFP1 :D if you design a new addon/mod, just say somehting for me! hehehe :) 8)
  11. hehehe... rogerwilco... my english suxs, and I can barely speak it well... look for him! the english of djmid looks like me 2 years back! :D BTW djmid, what font change do you mean? In the game or directly on the skin(editing on photoshop)?
  12. Good job! finally i have some lights now :D :D... now the noon looks like noon! its much more bright and vivid :D
  13. just copy the address and paste in a new Explorer window... that all 8)
  14. BTW, sorry for the fiasco of the first one hehehehe :shock: here it is... I liked how it become, the style and how it looks... i hope you like it...
  15. I have been on this forum since November(when i bought the game), but only now im posting. This is my fisrt skin for Strike fighters, its a little bit harder to work with templates on the Strikefighters, because it lose a lot of details that i just whished to use... i miss the Rudel(of il-2) templates hehehehe :o here is the original, since it doesnt have MIRAGE III i used the phantom. this a commemorative paint of the 30 years of MIRAGEIIIBR on Brazil(god we need urgently to replace that planes! :( )

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