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  1. AVIA-S199 "SAIF"

    thank you, as I see today you made 262 so fast
  2. LI-2 "HESSAN"

    for night action Paranis special forces paratropers - another amazing plane for my collection and 5x stars like always
  3. La-15 "YAMMAM"

    Very goog, very rare plane, fantastic camouflage and this green-white strip on tail - like it 5x stars and 5x thank you
  4. Avia S-92 "SAQR"

    Yes Yes Yes Its to beautifull to be real, YOU ARE AWESOME I wrote about it yesterday and today I see...its ready to fly - thank you so much! 5 stars of course I start collecting all your planes for special campaign over desert 45-50s Iam over 30 years old but happy like my 3y old son:)
  5. AVIA-S199 "SAIF"

    Hi trotski00 thank you so much for all Parani planes. I like idea to use ww2 german planes as post war (45-55's) airforce for exotic countries like Empire of Paran. In the future I would like to see Me-262, Ar-234, He-162, Me-163 with Parani markinks PS. this green-white strip on yours planes tail look awesome PS2: sorry for my english

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