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  1. Well got my copy and downloading was a snap. Will have to break it to the fam that dinner is out of the question for the next couple of days due to budgetary surprise. Any idea when the skins and more planes will become available?
  2. How Did You Find OFF?

    Well Olham, I have too agree somewhat. Thirdwire's First Eagle wasn't nearly as immersive.
  3. How Did You Find OFF?

    2009. Right after I had contracted a virus that did a bit of nasty work on my equipment. Had to foreswear internet porn after that! A damn shame. Well, with plenty of free time I found other stuff on the internet including OFF. Actually, I was over at Third wire and saw this. Liked what I saw and bought it. Much safer than internet porn but for some reason not as loud.
  4. OT My Favourite War Film

    Eagle has Landed cracks me it. It is indeed a classic. I like the following not in any order: A Bridge Too Far Platoon The Light Horse Patton I have a slew of other movies
  5. OT My Favourite War Film

    I am surprised no one has mentioned Three Kings, GI Jane, or Fly Boys
  6. There are a couple of books by Mike Snook on Rorke's Drift and Isandlwana LIKE WOLVES ON THE FOLD: The Defence of Rorke's Drift HOW CAN MAN DIE BETTER: The Secrets of Isandlwana Revealed
  7. Yup I know that feeling. Also had the wonderful experience of get back into the cockpit, after a six week break from flying, and lost all of my pilots one after the other in one session. That really sucked.
  8. British Summertime

    Ugghh it is 99 F and feels like 119 F in DC, suppose to reach 103F. am going to the 150th Anniversary of 1st Manasas (Bull Run) on Sunday. Looking forward to it cooling off to 98F
  9. well that is a pisser. Will miss the ol' goat
  10. I saw an article discussing the tax system over in Greece and it gave the impression that everyone grossly under reported their taxable income. Almost as if it were a national pasttime. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/02/world/europe/02evasion.html
  11. Well I have attached a pic of medals acquired to date. Have one unknown medal in orignal photo and two more to acquire. Actually, three more the French medal is not silver but bronze
  12. OT--Gnats

    Thanks for the info Bullethead. Gnats seem to be out in force this year. I watched a orbital mass follow my 2 1/2 year old around the yard. She held her hands over her ears sayin' "daddy the mosquitos are biting me"
  13. Had a great laugh the other night. My 4 year old daughter had an argument with my wife the other night. Wife: "Go downstairs and see your father" Daughter: "No…. he is working" Wife: "He isn’t working" Daughter: "Yes he is. He is flying his plane." Wife: "He isn’t working. He is playing a game on the computer." (And probably thinking: looking like a dork with that gizzmo on his baseball cap) Daughter: "He is not playing a game! He is on a MISSION!" Wife surrenders to daughter in a fit of laughter.

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