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  1. SF2 WW2 MTO USAAF P-40F Pak (Raven)

  2. Is anyone here?

    I have Windows 7 professional. Thanks for posting. I'll have a go at it. Curiously, the aircraft respond to keyboard control via the arrows keys.
  3. Is anyone here?

    Hi to all. I'm trying to get another go at this lovely gem. Truly a sim with a soul, mainly making you feel "being there". I was successful at launching the latest 140 release via DXWND since I have an nvidia card. My only gripe so far is not having control over the aircraft as before. I have a full CH suite and despite all the controllers being unified into one controller, I have no control over the aircraft. All controllers are listed as CM device 1 which means windows sees them as one controllers and not separate controllers.
  4. EAW WWI

    What is the ststus of EAW WWI? I hhve seen previews at simhq.
  5. Viewpoint vertically looping

    No.The joystick is constantly plugged.
  6. Upon entering a random mission the view is not fixed but rather is constantly looping in the vertical axis. Any solutions?
  7. Need advice re grafix card

    Price range is approximately $200-230 tops But the main concern is the performance differences regarding especially the games mentioned and mainly display issues or distortions that may rise in using a respective graphics cards.
  8. שנה טובה

    שנה טובה לכל חברי הפורום
  9. Need advice re grafix card

    I'm about to order a new rig and I'm deliberating between ATI 4850 and Nvidia 9800GTX. Please bear in mind that the main function is our field of interest-flight sims with an occasional foray into FPS- COD etc. Sims played most are Il2 series and of course SFP1
  10. WoI

    יש בכלל איזשהו צפי להפצה על דיסק בארץ? גם אני מחכה להפצה על דיסק.
  11. למי שרוצה לשחזר את מלחמת העצמאות, ישנו קמפיין להורדה לפי קישור באתר פריפלייט הקמפיין הוא עבור סדרת משחקי Il-2 Forgotten Battles, Il-2-1946 וכולי הקמפיין אמנם הוא מונחה משחק ברשת, אולם אפשר לשחק בסינגל פלייר במיוחד תחת משימות מהירות לאחר הגדרת הסקינים המתאימים, כמו עבדכם הנאמן
  12. האם יש ישראלים חדשים כאן?

    אכן כן!!!

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