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  1. Combat recon or more to the point, Road Recce, was getting down to the trees and seeing what you could stir up, and once it got stirred up, dropping what you had on the target. No camera's needed.
  2. First off, There is no Tanker support. I can attest to this because I've done it before. If you've done any reading on the 105's in Vietnam, they tanked pre-strike because takeoff with Max weight sucked an enormous amount of fuel, even with the extra 2000 lbs of thrust they got from water injection. TOT wasn't much help either. If you loitered at all say for a downed pilot or missed your target or for whatever reason your TOT was lengthened, rest assured, you had better have a Tanker somehwere. Excellent references for 105 missions in North Vietnam are "Thud Ridge" by Jack Broughton, and Rasimus's books..especially "When Thunder Rolled". Oh and Migs and 105's....sure, the Thud was able to get one once in a while, but Rasimus in particular would tell you to stay away from them, they will eat a 105 alive.
  3. Someone metioned a book here about fighter tactics. THEE book on tactics is Shaws "Fighter Combat". If you're serious about learning the craft, this book is a must have. It is very in-depth and not for the feint at heart, but studying it will give you the knowledge you'll need to become a better stick.
  4. Don't you just love the smell of Kordite in the morning? I hope the boys gave you a fond pat on the back when you landed after that kill. P.S. I know the feeling all to well of looking wide eyed at the fuel gage and thinking how un-fun it's going to be ejecting from that loveable beast.
  5. I'm still green and the powers that be haven't given me the honor of being the person to go to for leadership. Once I have those ten missions under my belt they'll see to it that I'm responsible for getting guys back. Until then, I'll dodge flak, and stay on my leads wing, and survive.
  6. Yeah...too bad, guess I'll have to take the class huh?
  7. LOMAC can be extremely difficult....The soviet aircraft are way better than anything the Americans have in this game. Your other flights in the sim will be lucky if they aren't out numbered. WOE is much more enjoyable to me. At least I have a fighting chance.
  8. Wingmen? Your Wingmen are around when things get testy? Actually, today My entire flight got into the mix and the LT's each got a Kill, and the Captain (14 missions under his belt) got two. Experience? Missions? Hell, as long as I make it out....if they're still around, good for them.
  9. So I went and did it. Mig 21 was getting the best of me and I jettisoned my tanks. I know...never get into a turning fight with a Mig, but I did, and he buggered out. I didn't get him, but on the way home, I happened to notice (Situational Awareness) that I was extremely low on fuel. As I flew on, I checked the manual, and asked Red Crown for help.....no siree, things are looking not so good. I took my trusty F4 and beat feet to the water whereupon I very nicely pulled my face curtain on my Martin Baker and ejected into the South China Sea. Was there some sort of way that I could have gotten a KC-135 on station to give me some more go-go juice and make it RTB? When I got aboard the Jolly Green I kept thinking that I should have taken that class the Wing Commander was giving on Fuel Management. Yeah, I'm still a green rookie pilot, even at 45. So if any of you know the coordinates to the flying Citgo's, lemme know, that way I can skip that class the Wing weinies are giving on how to save fuel.
  10. Getting the Girlfriend to fly...THATS what I'm talking about. Flying fighters is indeed a minority profession, and to do it as a hobby in the virtual world is probably a rarity too. I think we are in a class by ourselves because it does take patience and practice. Navigation, Geography, History, Geometry.....You MIG cap in Georgia in LOMAC, or lead a flight of 105's to hit Hanoi...Most of the kids today would think..Theres a War in Georgia? Where's Hanoi? Something that most of todays youth fail to see or understand. Oh and to the younger sticks that do fly, you are truly in the minority.
  11. I think its Because there's alot you have to LEARN when you fly, and most just want to get in and wreak havoc. I know quite a few people who have taken the stick and killed a few bandits and then it comes time to land and they go...way too hard. Thats fine by me.
  12. Ah... I knew when I came to this place I would learn many new things. I will try these knew things and see how many times I can crash into the Sea....
  13. Now THAT would be cool. I get around India way, I WILL be looking you up. Thanks for the offer Stick.
  14. Saw the great shot of the F4 coming in with it's hook down. I fly mainly the Airforces F4.....There's a carrier in WOV? Where is there a carrier?

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