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  1. Super-Sherman-M51

  2. This reminds me about that MIG-31 skin i was gonna make for you Veltro... Well it´s 99% done but im just been too lazy to wrap it up completely . Right now 2 weeks might actually be a realistic estimate of when it might be done
  3. Hey why not? Speaking seriously for a minute I just realized that what we got is the old-school starlifter without the air-refuel-hump-thingy on top. EDIT: Took to long and missed veltros post. Thats sounds awsome!
  4. Speaking of Starlifters, I was inches away from skinning one of these: http://www.richard-seaman.com/Aircraft/Air...gContainers.jpg But GIMP decided to crash and I kinda lost my motivation. I might give it a second try in a few weeks...
  5. Well I could be wrong but the way I see it, a lot of modders are moving on to the next generation sims so many new mods will not be compatible (at least not "out of the box") with the old series. Plus SF2: Europe seems to have some cool new features.
  6. OK stupid question: did you save your Mauser in the guneditor?
  7. Even if the real one can identify freindly A/C i doubt that it is implemented in the game engine (after all the original games where all set in the 60-80ies). And it is possible to shoot down freindly planes with sidewinders i have done it several times (mostly unintentional ) with both old and new variants. cheers Thundercheif
  8. The IRIS-T is a short range infra-red missile so it will hit whatever is hottest. It doesn´t matter what target you select.
  9. Damn good job! I made a small "Falklands 2013" campaign to honor this fine bird.
  10. MP3 players?

    This thread was sponsored by Apple inc. (I love my ipod too)
  11. Spiders again...

    i saw it some years ago and LoLed
  12. Thanks guys! Another fine addition to our virtuel strategic bomber fleets.
  13. Yamas

    Screw deer hunter... From now on im bagging virtual game like a man!

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