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  1. JASDF F-15CJ

  2. problemi con wings over europe...

    Prova a modificare la grafica nelle Opzioni. Colgo l'occasione per farvi una domanda: come faccio funzionare il multiplayer con la Hyperlobby?
  3. New Il2 squadron

    Anche piloti italiani sono ben accolti...
  4. Elia da quanto tempo! Ti ricordi? Anche io sono iscritto ad aereimilitari.... sono peppe. Se vuoi volare con una squadriglia online vai sul mio forum. (Contattami MP)
  5. New Il2 squadron

    Hi guys, thanx for attenction. I've found a new squadron for il2, we are 6 elements, but we hope for addictional people. :D This is an homemade team, we don't like squadrons that tells you to do 2 or 3 fly once a week, we fly only for fun and do some combats and training. Training includes bombing, dogfighting and formation flights. We use TS for main communication. If you wanna to visit us, that's the link: http://il2sturmovik.forumfree.net Rendevouz at next checkpoint. P.S. When subscribe, search for the "-Mustang" user. Bye...
  6. Looking for IL2 Squad

    If you like, I can play with you. I am italian and I got an little squadron, it has got five or six persons. We've got a forum, if you want, you can visit us. Send a Pm to -Mustang. http://il2sturmovik.forumfree.net.
  7. F-22 Over My House

    wow! you get lucky! Io sopra casa mia non vedo proprio nulla...

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