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  1. What could possibly go wrong?

    The tobacco and lottery tickets must be at the cash register
  2. Even if you don't want Win10 ...

    Gosh! Thanks for the Heads up, I won't have known! Damn all behemoth multi-national corporations, thumbs down Microsoft
  3. Fish from Barney Miller is gone for real this time

    I watch TV using my digital antenna instead of cable, there are some great retro-television stations available like MeTV, Antenna TV, Comet, Get and Grit. I watch Barney Miller almost every night on Antenna TV. Funny if you think about it how young Abe was on Barney Miller compared to when he passed away, he must have been just in his fifties. RIP Abe Vigoda
  4. Electronic Arts Plans to Cut 1,500 Jobs

    I don't think there is any other industry where the management is so disconnected with its product and its development staff than the gaming industry.
  5. Need advice on Books on Nam

    I am trying to read through Linebacker: The Untold Story of the Air Raids over North Vietnam by Karl J. Eschmann Interesting there is a pdf online titled "Patterns and Predictability: The Soviet Evaluation of Operation Linebacker II" I have also been enjoying the Mark Berent books, great Historic Fiction.
  6. Glide wrappers

    Been doing some research on glide wrappers Glide wrapper list Haven't taken the plunge to set one up. What has been your experience?
  7. Boresite lockon over Thud ridge Firing sparrow Closing fast Hit !
  8. I think I got all the links fixed with my new hosting Here is a new mission file, Its just you, the bombers and the enemy. The other SEAD flights with their escorts were chewing up the NVPAF. Link:B52 strike 8 Watch out without SEAD SAMS will be shooting One B52 hit by SAM Without SEAD escort Migs get some attacks in on B52s Mig kills B52
  9. Longbow 2 v2.09

    I've actually been playing it on my laptop running XP Lucky I just found a driver to get my old Microsoft Sidewinder 2 joystick programmable again. however the old game doesn't recognize my throttle :(
  10. U.S. President wins Nobel Prize.......

    Doesn't make any sense, what are they up to? Don't hijack my president find your own savior.
  11. OK, Where is the EAW Combat Ace Forum?

    Thanks for the posting Colonel Always enjoyed the big bomber formations in EAW
  12. Thanks for posting the interesting article
  13. Well I am not just playing WoV it has inspired me to do a lot of reading about the Vietnam war. I also like to study this old board game by Victory Games called Vietnam.
  14. Sorry changed my hosting When I get a chance this weekend I will repost some of the missions and pics

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