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  1. Plan on going swimming anytime soon, Jedi Master?

    Man alive! that's a big fish. After going to watch the open water swimming in the Serpentine during the London 2012 Olympics, I decided to take up the sport at amateur level. My first event is in June. The most I'll have to worry about are some bolshy Geese!
  2. Revisiting SF2V after RL gets in the way.
  3. F/A-18 Series By The Hornet Team (BETA!)

    Thank you to everyone for all your hard work, it's a fantastic piece of work.
  4. Excellent work as ever, many thanks.
  5. Yep, that did the trick. Many thanks for your efforts.
  6. eburger68, Firstly, thank you for updating this mod. I noted a few bugs after installing. I have followed the installation instructions to the letter. I am using SF2 V as a mod base, and I do have SF2 NA included in my merged base installation, updated to July 2012. From the readme; 'The "July 2012 Update" for this mod introduces a new version of the familiar "Falklands/Malvinas" terrain named "South Atlantic" (and found in the \Terrains\Falklands folder)'. Here's the bug, when I tried to start a "South Atlantic" (SA) campaign version, it fails to load (screen freeze after a second or two). The non-SA campaign runs fine. Another small bug I found is that on my first attempt to start a "South Atlantic" (SA) campaign (before the screen freeze), If you select the RN Harrier, the campaign actually starts with a random aircraft! e.g. a Sea King. Having a look in the actual download, I don't find any terrain folder named "South Atlantic" . Is this correct? Not sure if the two bugs are related. I'm quite sure I've followed the instructions, including all the steps for SF2 NA users. I should also say that I've used a fresh install. Apologies if I've left any information out.
  7. Catching some flack.. Made it back though.
  8. Back in the saddle. One of my favourite skins.
  9. Jetstream

    Hi, Probably old news, but I've been watching this over the weekend. Fascinating if you've not seen it. Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQyXQOe7nBA&feature=related
  10. Another tour de force by the team. My day off is complete, thank you.
  11. Thanks everyone, excellent work. btw, I know that 6dof is not supported in the SF2 series but I noticed that with my TrackIR that you can look around the pit with much more sense of depth than before. It's really immersive.
  12. After patiently waiting two weeks for my PC to come back from repair I finally get my hands on ODS. These shots really don't do Stary's SARCASM mod justice; it looks superb in game. Trying to dodge some AAA I take cover... Brilliant mod all round..
  13. Desert Storm Part 1 For SF2

    Thank you for this mod it's great work and looks fantastic.

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