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  1. Su-30Mk2

  3. Anyone Seen This?

    Seems pretty intersting to me!!
  4. Youtube

    Yea its true, I cant believe that people comment such racist and obscene things over there, no respect for other people and so full of hate, its as if the world has rolled back to those barbaric stone age
  5. Which SU-35AR did you install??? I have this http://combatace.com/files/file/11890-su-30mk2/ installed and works fine with mine. ALSO check this thread out: http://combatace.com/topic/43234-how-to-make-a-sf2-aircraftweapon-useable-in-gen-1-thirdwire-sims/ And it is very important that you have bunyap's weapon pack installed and you sim updated to at least oct 08 patch.
  6. An Interview with LouG

    Excellent interview of a very interesting person!!!
  7. Downloaded this in SF2 Europe, for some reason the plane is static, invisible in external view!!!! what can I do???
  8. If your plane is invisible in external view then you must do the followings : 1) Make sure you copied the DECALS folder correctly 2) Make sure you have the latest direct X installed. 3) If the plane is released recently then it might not work without updates so check out the correct updates and install them.

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