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  1. Welcome back, but I still like WM's explanation as to your reason for Holiday. Glad you had a great time
  2. Our prayers are with you get well soon
  3. Your the man Lou thanks for all your hard work. I may try my hand at nav now. Even with a good map I'm still lost, Thanks again for your fine effort, You are truely a Gentleman and a Scholar Thanks and Happy Hunting over Flanders John
  4. How much for a library card Lou? Nice collection enjoyed much on those cold winter days up north I'LL BET.
  5. I check in every day and am glad of the few that are still here. I have never been a big poster. I do read most all the post every day. I hope we see everyone return but it may be that many have moved on. I too wonder WHERE Bullethead is?
  6. It was great to see the man who wrote the book. I too would like to have set and listen to his stories by the fire. Thanks for sharing Widowmaker, I truly enjoyed the whole video. Thanks for sharing
  7. Glad you are up and running Wayfarer. Did you find the memory you were looking for? I am sorry I did not have what you needed. I upgraded my computer by building a new one. I am just coming to grips with Windows 7, coming from XP. I hope everything works for you. Good Luck
  8. Grounded With WOFF

    Sorry I couldn't help I hope it works out for you.
  9. Grounded With WOFF

    Wayfarer I just looked I do have two sticks of Corsair Dominator 2 gig per stick 1066 MHz timing is 5 5 5 15. They are tall but were working fine in my old computer. That would give you 4 gig. If interested let me know I will send them to you.
  10. Grounded With WOFF

    Sorry I couldn't be more help Wayfarer. I will look around , but I do not think I have anything larger than 1 GIG modules. I just built a new computer I will look in my old one and see what it has. It may have 2 gig strips. I will look and see.
  11. Grounded With WOFF

    Wayfarer I have two gig of Corsair xms 2 matched memory. Each stick is 1 gig. timing is 5 5 5 12 800 MHz. I would give them to you if they would help. They worked fine for me and they are just lying around here. If you want them let me know and I will send them to you.
  12. I have read September Evening, it is about Wener Voss. It covered some of his life and was okay in this. The book explained that much of his family records were destroyed in WWII. I found this book to be fair. The main part of the book is about his last battle against 56 Squadron. It covers some of his victories, but not much about his relationships with Richtofen or others. I brought it because like you I have read many books on MVR, but I liked Voss who much like Frank Luke threw all caution to the wind and fought against any odds. This is the reason they were gone so fast.
  13. Need Joystick help

    I use saitek pedals and have no problem with the toe brakes. I also run a saitex x 52 flight control system. I have some keys bound to my joystick, but just a few.
  14. I have just read it. It is not bad, but really in most places is a rehashing of pilot histories. It does use some letters and other material to add a human touch to the stories. I have to say I did enjoy reading it. It does not bring toany fresh insights to history. It is still a good read IMHO. I bought it and read it on my kindle so it was fairly cheap. One thing it does is bring some of Boom Trenchard to life and tells of his struggle to bring the British RAF to life.
  15. I am by most everyday, but never have been much for a lot of talking. I enjoy this site as it is here I came after the first move. I have yet to upgrade my computer so I am still playing WOFF on a loder machine with windows XP Pro 64bit.. It runs but not good enough for screenshots. I hope everybody visits this site, but most of the people I see on the other are new to me. Most of the old crowd visits both sites, but this is home.

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