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    Flying any aircraft. I am a flight sim enthusiast. However, something about those rickety crates that flew during WWI have my keenest interest!
  1. AI Behavior

    Funny thing Hellshade, when I was going through the process of deciding whether I should come back to OFF, those two videos are two of the first that I watched to get me back in the mood :). I know I should probably start a new thread about it, but I think I know the issue. I started up a pilot in Jasta 11 early war flying the E.III, and with my new rig that I have since the last time I played OFF everything looks so much more gorgeous. However, I got an error twice. At random times, CFS3.exe quits and it boots me out of game. Now I think it is because I think my new rig can handle all settings max, but I suppose it couldnt hurt to turn scenery down one notch as I have heard that it can be a resource hog. Unless there is something else that may have caused the CFS3.exe file to take a dump that others have experienced? BTW, I do intend to get that new damage model addon up and running soon, but I want to hammer out kinks with my stock version of OFF: HiTR first! :)
  2. AI Behavior

    It was a failure of mine. When Silent Hunter III first came out, I adopted it as an avatar name. It is really spelled Schleichfahrt (silent running), but me being the newb to the German language butchered the spelling. It has stuck ever since then :) On the note of the E.III, I just remember being fodder in that thing, guess I'll do some practice, as I love starting campaigns from the beginning. I usually only ever fly German crates anyway...
  3. AI Behavior

    Somehow I figured you would be the first to respond to this Olham! :P Thank you both for your quick replies. I suppose if your fellow AI attempts to land and ends up botching it, they will have ended their career? Itd be a shame for an ace to die this way :P. Also, I seem to remember aces only being in their own flights. Rather, you could never be in the same flight as them. Maybe I just never ranked up enough to find out, but can you ever fly as a wingman to an Ace, or lead a flight with aces in it? Im excited to get back into the OFF campaign. I remember it having its quirks, but nothing beat it in terms of getting involved in the story of what was happening. P.S. is the Eindecker still a death trap to fly in?! :P
  4. Hello fellow aviators! It has been a while since I have played OFF, I stopped shortly after HiTR was first released. I have tried "the other WWI sim" (name left anonymous to avoid turning this into something negative), and although there are some great things it has to offer, I truly do miss OFF's immersion value. I am back in the saddle so to speak, and will finish up reinstalling all of my OFF files this afternoon after work. I have a couple questions though. Since it has been a while, I would like to know how AI react to certain situations. First question is, when RTBing after a sortie, does the AI accurately land back at their home airfield? I know that is an odd question, but I cannot for the life of me remember how they reacted before, and I can't seem to find any topics on it with the forum search feature. Also, I see it mentioned that AI behavior has been updated since HiTR was released? I dont remember seeing much difference when I first played it, but then again it was a while ago so I probably wont remember too many details. Mind you, I understand the limitations of singleplayer type game styles and the strengths and weaknesses of AI controlled aircraft, but I was just curious how they fare nowadays. Thanks, and sorry if this has been beaten like a dead horse before, I just could not find any topics with the search function relating to my query. Salute!
  5. Btw, on the subject of the bicycle (and other non-plane vehicles) the model T is actually a blast to FLY, thats right, I said FLY! Here is a real challenge, turn on invincibility, load up a QC flying the Model T, start from 10,000, then try to land.... Its actually tougher than you think, haha!
  6. A Little Project

    Quite a diverse collection of books you got there. I didn't imagine that the typical sim junkie was just as interested in RPG-like games like I am :). Also, that OFF binder is awesome!
  7. Custom skins.

    I thought so, thanks Red-Dog. Hopefully this can be changed in the future. Oh well :)
  8. HA! That, sir, is a line from Memphis Belle! I love that movie, and its a great line, and that is also a great screenshot! :)
  9. So, I finally had a successful DiD career that I achieved 5 kills in. I'm a Feldwebel of Jasta 23 flying the Albatros D.II. After a long wait, 5 confirmed kills have been recorded. Now for the festivities and customization, right? I am not clear on how this works. Can I assign my craft a custom paint scheme, or will all of my squadmates in the flight carry the same scheme if I load it in the custom skin drop down menu? I just remember the way it was in RB2/RB3D. Once you got 5, you were allowed to customize your plane. I should know by now, but is it the same here? Also, the aircraft allocated for Aces, do I get to choose from that as well? Or is that only for historical aces?
  10. 1. Albatros D.II 2. Jasta 23 St. Quentin area 3. 5 kills 4. 8.6 hours.
  11. Oh I know Olham, I was just using an extreme as an example. :P I have about 6 flying hours on my Jasta 23 pilot and he has two claims so far. I have it on realistic mission frequency, but after his first five hours I gave him a two week leave :). Then I time advanced the campaign two weeks ahead and in that time 4 of my squadmates made claims, and three of them were confirmed, but not mine. When I got back after two weeks, and then flew for a couple more days, he still is just waiting haha. Its been like that for the last couple pilots I have had. They die before any of their kills get confirmed.
  12. Alright, let me get this straight. It sounds like you guys are saying that if I were to play through two months of in game time in one real day period, I would never see my claims confirmed/denied because I have only been playing for one 24 hour period? I may be way off base here, but if that is true, it is uber unrealistic.
  13. I've had the same experience lately as well Hellshade. I have two kills from my second mission that were about a month earlier in game time, and they are still pending.
  14. Maybe I just missed something with the patch that improved the claim algorithm, but whenever I write up a claim there is no longer a "Pending ##" at the end, rather it is just "Pending ." Is this intended? The only reason I ask is that I enabled time advance in the campaign and its been nearly two weeks and they haven't been rejected or confirmed. Thanks!
  15. SE5a model

    Now, by quoting me, I know you did not imply that I am genius.... :P But, I'll take what I can get! Honestly though, the guy that started that SE5a a while ago is amazing.

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