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  1. WOFF wins CA Awards!

    The narrator's voice is beautiful. I would really love to listen to her read me a short bed time story like "War and Peace."
  2. Wonderful On Board Footage

    First time I have seen the entire film. Seems like all WWI TV documentarys show the DFW on the Ground (Same few seconds) and the gunner in the Rumpler C.I. The use of the camera and dropping the bomb from out side the cockpit was staged as the Rumpler C.I had internal bomb release and camera position. The DFW may have been in an early schlasta. My guess is that the Rumpler was a school plane used for filming.
  3. Phase 4 Screenshot comments

    Out of all these replies, no one mentions the DH-5 on the arifield that the SE5a is buzzing....
  4. Thoughts about P4

    They were not used very long, only on a few N16's. The existance of some photos of the Ni16 with rockets caught the imagination, model builders et al until it became a commonly held idea. If the legend sounds better than the facts, print the legend.
  5. Thoughts about P4

    Air 2 Air rockets were only experimented with. A Halberstadt shot down one plane with one and then proceeded to burn his own plane. Incendary bullets proved to be better for balloons. No air 2 ground rockets used. 2 Seaters I would like to see added: Voisin LA3 - LA5 (same airframe, different engine), Caudron G4, Caudron G6, Rumpler C.I, Farman F40, LVG C.II, Albatros C,VII, and AW FK8. Bombers: AEG GIV, Fredrichschafen G.IV.
  6. Thoughts about P4

    Any screen shots up from P4?
  7. Thoughts about P4

    Those are great ideas. If its all possible to do it in P4? Great read. Thanks! Remember, the air forces cannot win the war. All 'advances' brought on by success of 2 seaters are tactical (e.g. artillery barrage, or successful barrage due to spotters). Also, like the real war, your side may have 2 seaters up the same time you are hunting theirs, or you may be in a 2 seater. Like RB3D, I would like to have other action aking place simultaneously and you, AI or if on line, oter MMP players may choose you course of action. There elements in IL-2 series I like, the skin selction and sharing method and the mixing of AI and MMP players in the same mission. So imagine an on line game with say 30 live pilots involved and maybe another couple of dozen AI planes in the mix as well!
  8. Thoughts about P4

    A couple of years ago, I gave a copy of specifications for a WWI flight Sim to the OFF guys with my blessing to use any idea in it. Mind you this was an old document from when I was corresponding and providing data and thoughts for Knights over Europe, a game that died in development. So, some of my thoughts and methods would be dated. The overall concept came from my readings on the subject and the old Milton Bradley 'Broadside' came where the red fleet had to sink the merchant ships and the blue defended them. I hope that P4 would take some of these concepts, if they have been able to revise the game format. Any thoughts on my old scribblings? 17 Hours Concept for KOE Study.doc
  9. Redo of, THE BLUE MAX!

    I would only to to see it done if it actually better followed the book. If so, the Ursula Andress character, Katie, would be in her mid to late 30's and beginning to lose her beauty, more of a 'Kaiserreich Kougar' than a 20 something nyph. Otto would be the manipulative and panderin CO. The adjutant would have a taste for naughty pics. The murder of Klugermann would be more obvious to the viewer. With CGI and planes from PJ's collection this could be done. Need an RE8. Jack Hunter had been an OSS interrogator in WWII so he took the characters he dealt with and did the Stachel novels based on what he experienced. For Bruno, we need to find a young actor to play an 18 year old alcoholic. One of the things the RB movie did get right was the youth of the pilots, though they did not have the distant gaze that comes with combat stress.
  10. Dan's call on the wing being mauve and green was based on serial number. It was confirmed when an original piece fo the yellow and green tail fabric was examined and was found to have underside blue beneath the unit color. Futher the green panels as restored are too green should be close to WWII RLM02 grey green and the fuselage was likely darker than the near white as restored by NASM.
  11. My pilot Ltn. Wilhelm Klink arrived at Jasta 6 in January 1917, only to find that the game could not find the field at Vaux en vermandoi. Any idea as to the fix? Schultz!!!!!
  12. I remember shooting at those feathered French friends!
  13. Training Missions

    'Newby' pilot arrives and goes up with senior pilot on a local cross country showing landmarks and have an idea how the plane flies prior to getting shot at. If possible, may throw some manuever goals. This type of flight was recounted in some of the memoirs I read.
  14. Next airplane for OFF?

    sagittarius_rising AT charter dot net

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