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  1. Merry Christmas, Friends!

    Merry Christmas to all my OFF Brothers in Arms and of course the BOC!
  2. In Hobbit years still just a Young one as for human well ya know!! 57 Human years..And loving it!! There is Much Rejoicing!!
  3. A call to arms for the Brave Pilots of the BOC and OFF.. Santa needs Help this year.. The War has caused a Great need for many.. So Santa requests any brave but missguided Pilots and kite drivers to answer this call.. The Brave but silly BOC and any somewhat strange Pilots of OFF need to answer this call to ARMS!! Master Stumpjumper Has supplied a sleigh, and Santa the gifts.. A mission for OFF BHAH, is in the works from a hobbit of unknown and questionable, skills the mission to deliver the Gifts around Europe.. Dec 24th 1030 hours, the cease fire on the front will be in force By all parties!! So, Santa and with your Brave help may get the gifts to all the Sim boys and Girls.. God Bless the Silly but Brave souls who may answer this grave Need..
  4. A Christmas Mission Pilots needed

    OH yea, flies well I will add.. Stumpjumper made this last year but didn't have a proper sound config set up.. We got together and he fixed this.. Works in ALL CFS3 based installs and expansions.. I have it loaded into my OFF install. It looks cool with aircraft from all sides escorting it as Santa makes his stops in the various places..
  5. A Christmas Mission Pilots needed

    The cease fire will be enforced! And Mead,Whiskey and Beer are loaded for all the "good" little Kite drivers.. Beer from Germany, Whiskey from Ireland, and Mead from a hobbit's pantry.. And someone gave the reindeer a set of vulcan mini guns as a gift just in case.. Never trust a reindeer with a Vulcan mini gun!!
  6. I have encountered this problem in OFF Only.. I have built Many missions for CFS3 and All the Expansions..(MAW/ PTO/ ETO/ DPC Korea/ RS/ BOB) All except OFF when "A" if hit to send in wingmen.. They Attack..Warping is no factor In OFF NEVER!! And I have 25 missions finished in the Italy Package, and so far getiing the Wingmen to attack is a Real pain.. In my Italy Missions I had to build a special Target facility and place it over a target, then the wingmen in OFF attack, with this as the target.. But with out this Target facility, they will not.. The "Bug" in OFF..I am sure the Masters here realize this shortcoming and will at some point correct it..
  7. A Christmas Mission Pilots needed

    It has a CFS3 flight model. perhaps this can be adjusted for better use in OFF??
  8. OFF Santa

    From the album HouseHobbit

  9. Santa And tree

    From the album HouseHobbit

  10. I would like to wish all my Sim Brothers and Sisters here, a Wonderful Thanksgiving.. God bless each of you..
  11. Mosquito

    Beautiful, indeed..
  12. Stranded "Walfisch" with Crew

    LOL!! Yep, have this problem with landings too??
  13. German Jasta in Italy

    Thanks for this information, I will try to put it to good use in the italy package.. Bravo all..
  14. A Prolonged Absence

    Welcome back! I will hold all of this in my prayers.. May there be many better days ahead..
  15. German Jasta in Italy

    Back into OFF now, the winter has set in here in Ohio, so i will be spending less time riding and more time Flying OFF. Thanks to all for your kind patience in this.. Off to review what I have built and set up for more improvments to the Italy package.. If any haver this please contact me.. Thanks all..
  16. 11/11

    No one hates War more then the men/women who have to fight them.. Perhaps someday mankind will find a better way, God Willing.. God Bless all the vets..
  17. WOW Lou that is quite a find indeed..Bravo..
  18. To all my friends here, i wish to apologize that I have been somewhat busy of Late with real life.. And Haven't finished the Italy add-on set.. Any who have downloaded this Please contact me Via: PM and let me know . How this worked or Not for you.. Here is a few pictures of what has been keeping me busy of late.. And soon the riding year will end here, so I am retuning to my Sim work.. Thanks to all.. And Yes she is a great ride, Scooterbike that is..
  19. Off topic Hobbit in the wind

    LOL!! yea in another two weeks that is.. Still tooling with the "Bikers" We are having our Indian summer here this week , So OFF I go..
  20. Okay were is everybody ?

    Still hanging with the Big guys here.. have started redoing the italy expansion for BHAH.. it will take a bit to conplete this.. have a great one all.. Off into the wind..
  21. Hobbit Scooterbike

    From the album HouseHobbit

  22. OT--Ghost Images from WWII...

    When I went to berlin, during the height of the cold war(1975), there were Many buildings that showed damage from the war.. I was very surprised that 30 years after the war, the Soviets had not repaired many of these..
  23. Off topic Hobbit in the wind

    Still in the wind!! Also, Back to working on the Italy expansion for all.. BRAVO!! And there is Much rejoicing!!

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