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  1. Question for those living in England...

    The Natural History Museum is fantastic (and huge!) with the also fantastic Science Museum right next door. Bonus, they both have free admission! The wife and I spent 16 days in the UK this summer. Wish it could have been 2 or 3 times as long. Spent 12 days riding motorbikes to tour around Wales and 4 days in London. Wales has some of the most stunning castles you could ever imagine. Worth considering the extra travel distance if you are already planning on heading out to Telford.
  2. Last of the Dambusters Gone

    RIP. Just finished reading Dam Busters by James Holland over the weekend. Fantastic book that really fills in details left out of earlier accounts of a truly remarkable operation!
  3. Il-2+CUP - Spitfire Scramble

    Great stuff! I think I need to reload IL2 and read up on the CUPS install
  4. Nice work! I have been on DCS since last summer. Never really got much with the fixed wing planes, but when I picked up the UH-1H I was hooked. I must have spent the first 10-15 hours just trying to get the dang thing off the ground and then back down in one piece. Your homemade stick mod is one of many I have looked at recently and I am getting more and more inspired. I think I am about ready to take my logitech G940 system apart and fab up my own cyclic and collective. Thanks for the great pics and design description!
  5. done. upgraded my current subscription. Would hate to see any restrictions on this fantastic site!
  6. The Scandinavian Front 2

    Wow, this has got me back into SF2. Very nice work!
  7. I would also like to know how this works. I have never been able to get the trim tabs to work, either with keyboard or keyed to a logitech 940 stick/throttle controls.

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