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  1. As i said at SimHQ :Mostly the Combat Ace forum is OFF related so that section should live up(all the old OFF stuff is here),about WOFF I suppose that SimHQ is "the place",with its pros and cons of course.
  2. WOFF Release Date Is On The Calendar!

    The 25th and the 4th are "utopies"......
  3. OT Year to Forget

    well mate....if you can tell the story...than that's OK!!!
  4. Templates

    Anyone want to share bare templates? Just outline,ribs and shadows,I know it takes ages to make one,I have been skinning and 3D modelling a lot in the past,simply do not have time to do this again; I like to fly on my own "customized" crates,I can always rework the stock skins ( wich I do at the moment) but starting from blank templates it's way better,just asking..... Best Xmas wishes to you all anyway!
  5. Merry Christmas, Friends!

    All the best to everybody!!!!
  6. Just out of curiosity,are there any B/W bare templates ( the outline, ribs and rivets,only,some shadows maybe) for the OFF planes? I remeber I've made myself some,when i was skinning Il2 Italian planes,and it's a pain in the arse...too much time I just would like to make some personal ( for my use) skins,without having to start from the already painted crafts in the OFF folder.... Anyone?
  7. OFF Forum Pilots Maps

    I feel lonely...only italian playing OFF... so sad!
  8. XXIII Grupo Italian Spad

    It's "Lonate Pozzolo" mate,the location of the airfield,not Donate Pozzolo
  9. XXIII Grupo Italian Spad

    Ok found the right one,anyway it's Lonate Pozzolo ( it's an airport location) not Donate Pozzolo... ;-)
  10. XXIII Grupo Italian Spad

    It's a jpeg....... :-(
  11. Well I was using 3D Studio Max 7 and 8,back then,I understand G Max is a tuned down version of it,and it's probably no more supported by Autodesk,but in Studio Max you could save files in .max,wich is proprietary format,and then import 'em again and again.
  12. You can save all the parts you like,and then use 'em later in different projects,building up a "library" of usefull objects,so you don't have to model and remodel them again and again,I used to do that,when doing RTW and MTW II stuff ( helmets,swords,lances,scabbards,anything...)
  13. new eye candy

    Olham,about learning a 3D modeling program,I advise you that's a hard and steep road..... I used to use 3D Studio Max for modeling Rome Total War,and Medieval II Total War stuff,and G Max for Microsoft Train Simulator, and it was a real, time and mental energy, "draining" thing.... Not forgetting all the post modeling Photoshop work, for texture maps and skins.....so be prepared....if you are going to try it seriously!
  14. MiniPATCH V1.32g is now available!

    Thanks for your support,I'm glad double time since I've always been a Pfalz lover..... I miss the D XII so much,as I miss the wonderfull Siemens Schuckert.....that would be a great plane to add. Also ( but I'm afraid it would only be a dream) an Italian/Austrian front campaign and planes, would do for a perfect day!!! Anyway my respect for what you and the Team, have achieved so far with OFF...... Pietro "Baracca"......

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