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  1. oh then my screwed then because it is a laptop. why am i screwed?
  2. Alright thanks, I will try to get better graphics card any sudgestions other then what olham has said? And what would i buy for CPU problem? Jesse
  3. Hi everyone, how is this for running OFF? Intel Core i3-380m Intel HD Graphics 6GB DDR3 memory windows seven Also a long time ago about a year and a half now i bought the hat and ring expantion but don't know where i put the disk i burned it on to and can't find it any where. I was wondering if there was a website where i could re download the expantion? Jesse
  4. Hi everyone long time no see, don't know if any of you guys remember me but hey what ever. Since I can remember I have been a airplane freak. My parents tell me that when my mom was pregnant with me they went to a Reno airace I would kick with enthusiasm when ever the planes went by. Anyways I played RB30 with my older cousin went I was little, he would fly the plane and I would shoot, he taught me everything from stalling the plane (which I did a lot) to leading the enemy. Many years past and I finally got back into WW1 after extensive WW2 flying hours on CFS one two and three. I discovered that there were patchs for RD3D which was my all time favorite from when I was a kid. I played that for a couple of years when my comp died. When I finally fixed it the game wouldn't work for some reason so I searched for a new game. At first I was looking at knights of the sky or somthing like that. But it only had like 10 (Corect me if im wrong) planes and I didn't like that so I moved on. Then I found P3 this fourm and you guys. Now I think I will have to download the game again for just by reading this fourm again has gotten me wanting to play. It's nice to see some of the old guys here still.
  5. Wondering

    Siggi said that you have to be in a bomber squad first then you get to be in a fighter one. If I was to fly in the LAF Esc with carrick what bomber squad would I join? Av8er
  6. That was a great video, your flying was very smooth and your usage of the rudder to stay ahead of the enemy to shoot at him was great, far superior to me. I like the music as well. Sorry you lost your pilot but I will learn from your mistake and thanks for the post. Av8er
  7. CFS3 and BH&H

    you'll alway need CFS3 Disc#2 in 'D' to run OFF I Always run OFF on my disc one. How does disk two change the simulation? Av8er
  8. Lost OFF Game Sound

    Glad I could help. Some thing like that happened to me once but instead of the sound it was the detail.
  9. Lost OFF Game Sound

    You might want to try going to the overrides section and see if you have sound checked. If you don't know how to get there first you bring up the OFF Manager then you go to the workshop area. When in the workshop find the configuration button, in the middle right hand side of the screen I bleave. Click on that and when the game configures you click file, scroll down and click overrides. Then just search for the sound box and see if it's cheaked if it is uncheak it. Hope this helps, Av8er
  10. I don't think I am working with Dawn Patrol, all the parts are hand made by bending aluminum pipes around wooden jigs. Plus my uncle is a aircraft fabricator for the airlines so he could machine me a whole bunch of parts if I asked him. What kind of ultralight are you building?
  11. mp question

    Also could you get me squared away for a personal skin? I have 6 kills now...
  12. mp question

    Hi SD and TB if you guys don't mind I would like to join you. I am free from 6:00 EDT to about 9:00 EDT maybe later then that to, depending if my brother is going to kick me off the computer or not. If thos times work for you I will join. If not then there is always Sunday. By the way SD why don't you ever join Vascos missions? I see that you have a plane but never do I see you.
  13. "Fantastic! now all we need is a german and an america.... oh and some planes!" I don't know if anyone but Siting Duck knows this but my Dad and I are building a Nieuport 11 ultralight in his garage. This winter I plan on building the horazontal stab and maybe the top wing. I don't have much of the plane built that is reconizable but I have over 100 pieces for it so far. The funds got low for I lost my job but hopefully I get one soon and I will get back to building again. Edit: BTW I like those metals on your tunic there, I will ask for some for christmas.
  14. What do the flares even do? "My current desktop background looks like this! If you look closely there's a nasty Fokker on its way to get me in trouble and in the left background there's a balloon." I really like that picture, is that skin from OFF?

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