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  1. F-35 pilot says it can't dogfight

    I agree gunrunner, when I posted the article I thought it was interesting I didn't know it would open up a can of worms like this.i really don't have a pro or con on the F-35 I am waiting till it goes IOC and has a chance to be used in actual combat before I make a decision.i'm sure when the Israelis get theirs they may be the first ones to find out what it can do in actual combat given the way things are in the Middle East JMO.
  2. Link from war is boring. https://medium.com/war-is-boring/test-pilot-admits-the-f-35-can-t-dogfight-cdb9d11a875
  3. The man doing the aerobatics in the beech 18 is Matt Younkin and I had the pleasure of watching his routine at an air show at Holloman AFB in New Mexico in 2008 or 2009 I can't remember which year,some of the things he does with that beech are amazing.IIRC the beech 18 he flys has a lot of modifications in the airframe and more powerful engines to do those aerobatics.
  4. Oh, man -- talk about bad luck!

    More like dumbass
  5. JA-37 Viggen

    Just read this thread and did some looking on the net.the viggen is definitely a different looking plane with the large canard foreplanes but would be a cool addition to go with the gripen in SF2.
  6. I did do the mouse,and it does work but with all my messing around with it I got it to work without checking the box for the mouse in freetrack settings.
  7. Got it to work.dont know how just kept messing with freetrack and it finally started workin
  8. Sukhois

    Awesome looking WIP.will be waiting patiently for these aircraft.
  9. Does freetrack ir head tracking work in SF2 and if so how do i implement it in the sim?
  10. Net Neutrality - URGENT

  11. That's something I never understood about DCS why they don't update their exsisting aircraft to keep up with RL upgrades not only the mig-29 but the Su-25 upgrade to SM version would be great too.luckily i fly both DCS and SF2 sims so I can go to either to get the latest aircraft.
  12. Thanks flogger sometimes it's hard to tell if I'm getting my ass ripped or if you guys are just screwin' with me.
  13. That's why I have extreme respect for all the modders of this sim because they do work for free and if their interest are not the same as mine so be it I dont have a problem with that.they can mod what they like it's their skill and talent to do with as they wish.
  14. I figured I would get flamed .You guys are blowin this way out of proportion.im not saying to get rid of everything in the works or stop everything you are doing or removing obsolete planes from the game.no insults were intended ,I like playing this sim and have the utmost respect for all the modders in this community.like I said it was just a thought.

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