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  1. Fates, I think what you are saying is correct - A given size control surface exerts more authority with a higher volume of air flowing over it. I'm sure all modern fighters have fully boosted flight controls and therefore an artificial feel system to simulate the control forces that are missing. Without the artificial feel system the pilot would over-control/overstress the airframe because the control forces would be so light regardless of the speed.
  2. I was current at one time or another in the T-37, T-33, F-102, F-89J & F-84F. I liked the "Deuce" best of any by far! New fighters have a modulated/staged burner light that is a lot smoother than the old days. In the Deuce (F-100 or any J-57 powered a/c) the burner was either on or off. When you selected burner the eyelids opened all the way and full a/b fuel flow started. Since it took a second or so for the burner to light you lost about half your thrust (because the eyelids were wide open but burner hadn't lit yet). Then, when the burner finally did lite it was like getting rear-ended by a freight train! Ah, it's fun to remember!
  3. I think a lot of folks base their comparisons/expectations on other sims. I never cease to be amazed how some of these sims, SFP1 in particular, replicate the real airplane. I also flew the F-89 way back when and MontyCZ's flight model is almost perfect. Unlike later fighters, in the 89 you could slap the stick to one side and back and the airplane never knew that you had done anything!
  4. Firehawk, I think you'd better listen to Armourdave on this one. I don't know where you get your info about what the rollrates on fighters should be but they're not accurate! The joke used to be "Could you slap the stick full throw to one side and back to neutral without making one full roll?" Answer: No! Next Question: Did you go around with the airplane or did it roll without you and you just wound up in the seat where you started? I don't know the answer to that one! Someone else commented that the F-100 yaws way too much at slow speed. Guess What! The F-100 did yaw way too much at slow speed and/or high G-loads - That's why you turned/rolled with rudder instead of aileron under those circumstances. That's also where the Sabre Dance came from.
  5. If Monty CZ still checks in here now & then he should be able to give you the current one. I downloaded the ini fix as well as the original download and it seems to fly well. DFANG Have you finished the "duece" yet and is it available anywhere for SF:P1? I flew both the 89 & 102 back in the air guard days and would love to "fly" the duece again. RB
  6. Big Jet Engine!!! I don't know about that in the F-84F! It was a very under-powered bird. In the summer, we actually computed the gross takeoff weight that would give a takeoff roll equal to 85% of the runway (the overrun was pad in our favor) and then fuel the a/c to that weight. Sometimes, if it was too hot, we would just take off minimum fuel and hit a tanker that was waiting on the way to the gunnery range. Kentucky windage / iron sight bombing was kind of fun. You'd get the best winds (forecast & actual) on the surface & at the lower altitudes that you could get and then the first bomb was still, as the Army artillery types say, firing for effect. You take your sight picture at drop compared with where the bomb hit and then make corrections from there. Believe Me, a shack job (within the 5 ft circle) was something to be proud of in the good old days!
  7. Glad to see another familiar bird joining the roost! I flew the "Bent Wing Hog" in the late Sixties in the ANG and would be glad to add any prespective that might offer. Keep up the Good Work!
  8. Monty, Looks Great, but you have to promise the F-89J mod to your F-89C with nuke air-to-air Genie rocket to shoot it down. Denny
  9. I don't know about the F-4, but many of the earlier jets like the J-57 (F-100) allowed the core engine to vary the thrust with the burner either on or off. You could light burner in the J-57 at about 92% and then vary the engine thrust with rpm between 92-100% with burner on.
  10. Has anyone experienced wingman crashing - It seems like I can never recover a flight without losing everyone in the traffic pattern just flying into the ground.
  11. F89C???

    Hi Monty, I just took your F-89C around the patch for a quick flight and it was a real delight! I am a recently retired B767 Captain with American Airlines & Trans World Airlines and, a very long time ago, flew the F-89J with the Iowa ANG in Des Moines, Iowa. I'll have to admit the good old Scorpion was probably the last model I expected to see in any of the Sim programs but it was really a pleasant & nostalgic surprise. If we make connections here I'll pass along some comments after I've had a chance to fly it a little more, but first impressions of pitch & roll rates seem very accurate. The speed boards aren't as effective as they were in the real airplane. With full flaps & gear down the real airplane decelerated faster than this model. With all of the above + speed boards full out you could actually go straight down at idle power and not exceed the gear speed (about the only thing the Scorpion could do really well). Thanks for the trip back in time - Hope to hear from you!

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