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  1. What russouk2004 said is the main culprit as I downloaded the file fine after reading his post.
  2. That's great angelp, some more Western SAMs to fill in the blanks on maps.
  3. https://combatace.com/files/category/436-missions-campaigns/
  4. I got damaged one time in a Hornet but that was months ago, so that's that I guess. I mean it's so rare that I usually don't worry about flak when I'm near it in jets. I suppose that it's just as ineffective with prop planes as well.
  5. I believe the nations.ini sets all the default side of nations, so maybe looking into that would help you. Or you can make another plane and set it to a friendly nation so you can do it that way as well. Another easier method is changing the aircraft in a saved mission to fly on the Blue side. It's what I do for screenshots as REDFOR planes are on the Blue side so I can take a screenshot.
  6. Don't worry I have 50 weapons I'd like done. I'm also joking, beautiful work ravenclaw_007
  7. No you can't but it will steer when you press E for next target though
  8. Lol of course it's a known issue. I usually stick my carriers out to sea though so they roam as they should
  9. Check the year on which you're flying as those are old missiles.
  10. View File Indian Air Force AH-64D Skin Skin for the Indian AH-64D, after India ordered 22. Drop in the AH-64D folder and go fly. Eric Johnson, 2012 Note: No serial decals due to lack of information since the IAF purchased them. Thanks to ghostrider833 for the IAF decals, both in English and Hindi Submitter EricJ Submitted 10/16/2012 Category AH-64  
  11. I run SF2 on Windows 10 and so far no issue, though it's the Complete version.
  12. I took a test flight in the Rafale-C and had issues when locking up a target, which is probably the problem that your having. I don't know much about cockpit modding but you may want to look at fixing the MFD (or getting a hold of JAT81500) and fix the radar MFD. I flew against a QF-4E and didn't get a hit, nor was I able to reliably track the Phantom when I locked ont to it with MICA EM missiles. I fired once but it didn't travel far before exploding on it's own (no range indicator for a good launch. I looked up the missile on Wikipedia and increased the range of the MICA EM but I suspect the issue is the MFD not correctly showing that you're locked on to a target. I mean you have to get within dogfight ranges (killed the Phantom with a MICA IR) to do anything so I'd recommend talking to JAT81500 and see if the plane be tweaked to work a bit better for BVR use.
  13. Which mod aircraft are you having issues with? It seems odd that you can't fire at aircraft beyond 10NM.

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