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  1. Nope, none of that is doable in Strike Fighters 2 or even Strike Fighters 1
  2. I have a HOTAS and trying to fly mouse and keyboard (Flanker 1 I had a keyboard and mouse setup back in the day, Flanker 2 I learned it was better with a stick) doesn't work well given the fedelity of most games that involve flying (SF2, DCS). But for most flying sims a stick is better, and I have a Thrustmaster Hotas X though. Here's a link for some joysticks: https://amzn.to/2NzZwQX
  3. From what I gathered from the email that was sent out that he was going to work on a patch for the game. I don't think the game has had a problem for modern SAM systems, unless you're talking about ability to shoot down bombs or missiles or whatnot. It is what it is and I think it's pretty lethal so far without AI tweaking. I think it's good enough personally to not require any tweaking, it works for me with the current code. But then again any tweaking or improvement is welcomed for SAM systems, such as multiple engagement of targets to make them more lethal I can see and I'm sure what you mean.
  4. It does that's for sure, as I had to update my RWR list so I know what is out there. At least in DCS you get to practice against SAMs through the mission editor. It can be done in SF2 if you can make a custom mission work for you. I've done that for the SA-10 many moons ago.
  5. I usually pray while jinking and drop flares or chaff, though most often that doesn't seem to work, though I do my best to avoid getting locked on too.
  6. I run SF2 on Win 10 and have no problems.
  7. I haven't had falafel in a long time myself, oh well, looks cool though.

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