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Found 35 results

  1. Hi, after seeing the TMF F-14 has wrong and inaccurate speed and fuel indicators, i found out the default Third Wire F-14 has working and accurate ones, but i dont wanna use it cause the TMF Tomcat is better and the cockpit too more realistic too, so can you switch the speed and fuel indicators on the TMF F-14 with the default Third Wire F-14? And for fuel too? Do you need to 3D model and/or do something else other than edit some text files? And is it or it's not possible to do? Down here are 2 pictures from the correct cockpit in the default Third Wire F-14: And 2 from the TMF F-14 (the inaccurate one): Thanks for helping.
  2. Hi everyone, I just noticed that the speed indicator in the F-14 Tomcat by TMF (TheMirageFactory) only shows up to 800 kts, and the Mach indicator does not move, not letting you know the speed of the aircraft if you have your HUD turned off. As you can see down here, i'm at Mach 2.23, but the indicator only shows 800 kts and doesn't go above. Obviously it adapts to my altitude, so if i'm higher, then the IAS is lower, but still should move, making it impossible flying at high speed without HUD turned on as i have it down here: Another issue, maybe even worse than the previous one, is that the fuel indicator shows wrong numbers, or as i may think, it shows "a number less". For example: if i have 20000 pounds of fuel left, it should show 20000, but it shows 02000. This is a theory on how it works, not confirmed, and i'm gonna explain you why i think it is like that: I hardly think i truly have 2000 pounds of fuel left, cause i choose Fuel 100% and tried climbing and flying for a long time with full afterburner, and the numbers slowly started going down, even reached the point of burning the engine at Mach 2.30and the fuel wasn't gone yet, it showed i had like 00700 left, so i presume it's 20000 in reality, otherwise i would have been out of fuel in no time, since it's a quantity even under the bingo quantity, but i flew for minutes and minutes in full afterburner, and at 8x speed, so. Speaking of Bingo, there's no bingo indicator. Here's a picture of the fuel indicator: I tried the default F-14 cockpit, and even if that one shows correctly both speed and fuel indicators and even if it's a great cockpit, i personally like more and find more realistic and immersive the TMF one. In the end, since these two indicators are crucial, especially for flying without HUD, and the fuel indicator especially, since there's no way to know how much fuel you have left even with HUD turned on other than the cockpit indicator. So, what i'm asking is: Is there a way to fix these? A mod that remakes the indicators? Or another cockpit that is not the default one that i can use to swap this one? Thanks in advance for helping me.
  3. Hi everyone, I was wondering how to customize the numbers after your callsigns, since it always gives me the same ones. I think i managed somehow once, a bit of time ago, but now i forgot and have no idea how to. I'm not talking about how to customize the callsign name, but the unit number after it. As you can see in the Roster and in the picture under, i get "Fast Eagle 1-1" and "Fast Eagle 1-2" Here are some examples: The numbers on the tail, wing and nose numbers are customized, cause i managed how to change them, choosing them individually for each unit in the mission file by changing "AircraftNumber=" and typing the number, like "2" (as for 202). It doesn't change by typing the whole number tho, like 202 by typing 202, but it goes by typing the number that corresponds to the list of numbers you have. For example, In a list that goes from 200 to 400, you will have to type 10 to get 300. Here i just typed "2" and "7" since the list starts from 200 IIRC, in the past i just used to type the Aircaft number just like that, and in-game i had the proper number after the callsign, like "Fast Eagle 102", not just the number displayed on the plane livery. How do i do? I'm pretty sure that it's possible to have "Fast Eagle 102" on my screen HUD and in the Roster Thanks in advance for helping me.
  4. Hello, I'm facing a problem. A number of aircraft from modders have a bug with a lack of fuel consumption from the internal tanks. So these are planes with unlimited fuel. I noticed that this is a problem mainly with flight models, which are conversions from SFP1. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance and sorry for my English.
  5. Hey, I'm wondering if there's any way to add a braking parachute to the F-35A like the RNoAF planes have. I'm talking about the braking parachute itself, which would be activated on demand.
  6. I downloaded this mod for the F-5 and all of the skins for the aircraft are black, which means the textures aren't loading but I can't find out why it isn't loading. There is no exact installation instructions other than extract it into the mod folder which I did and there doesn't look like there are any issues with the file placement compared to the other aircraft files. Can anyone help me out? P.S. the drop tanks have the textures working and the cockpit, loading screen, menu, etc all work. Everything but the skin.
  7. Hello! My name is Elchfisk and I am new to the COMBATACE forums in general, but I wanted to showcase something I designed and am in the process of working on. The Vought F-119 Vanguard, influenced by designs within the TFX (Tactical Fighter eXperimental) Program, which led to the development of the F-111, was considered to be a tri-service answer to the project. A high power, variable sweep fighter aircraft that would essentially replace the mud moving roles of the Aardvark, and the standoff interception capability of the Tomcat. I'm new to Strike Fighters 2 modding as a whole, and I would love for this to be the first project I undertake in that scene. Is there any documentation or anyone that could teach and assist me in how to mod in an entirely custom aircraft like this? I'll keep this thread full of work-in-progress photos in the meantime, but if any experienced modders could reach out to me, I'd really appreciate it. Before I go for now, here's another image of one of the several models, specifically the J79 equipped variant, showcasing the very unique wing setup, and variable sweep:
  8. Hey, it's me again! Thanks to Bazillius I was able to solve the HUD problem. Now, I have another problem: the canards of the J-10 are rotating in the wrong direction. This means, when they have to rotate in the pitch-up direction, they rotate as pitch-down. I had this problem in a couple planes, but since this is the first one I'm going to publish, I want it to be perfect. If anyone knows how to solve this problem, it would be very appreciated. Good flight!
  9. Hi everyone, how you doing? I will go to the point. I am currently working on an Argentinian skin for Erwin Hans' and InSky's J-10A. I want to modify some aspects, like the HUD. Currently, the mod doesn't have a way to show if the missile is locked on target or not (THE CIRCLES THAT APPEAR ON THE HUD), and I want to modify that. I tried changing the cockpit.ini and avionics.ini, but I had to replace with the not modified version of the files because I ended up deforming the radar, and the avionics of course. The plane doesn't have problem when it comes to bombs and cannons, but it has that problem with the missiles. If someone can help me, I will be more than thankful. Have a nice flight, good hunting!
  10. Hi, my name is Mariano and I recently installed SF2 in my PC. All went well, installed some planes, did the thing right. Now, when i wanna play with an installed plane, it only shows the manufacturing year. For example, the A-4AR by Bandidos Team starts at 1998 and ends in 2020, but in my case, I only see 1998 and I'm only allowed to play on that year. I will attach some screenshots for you to see whats happening... Anyone has a solution for this problem? Do i have to reinstall the planes? An update? Thank you in advance, have a great fly!
  11. Hi everyone, I need help to change the date in "single mission" in the amazing ODS (Operation Desert Storm) mod for SF2 It lets me choose between years 1990-1991-1992 As soon as i end a mission and, for example, i get a medal or an award, it ofc says the date the sortie has been done... The problem is: since i can only choose the year, and not the month in mission menu, the date is randomically chose (for example i very often get months like august or december, even if the war had been fought only between the second half of January and February 1991, not any other month) How can i choose the month and day i want to fly for a single mission? So that i can choose the actual days the war happened instead of random 1991 months? I hope i explained well and that a solution can be found. I already tried changing Start Year and End Year date with January 1991 and February 1991, but nothing happened I truly love this mod, and imho it's absolutely perfect, but this is the only thing that "ruins" a bit (like getting a medal which says i flew over Iran on April 1991) and i'd like to fix it but idk how Thank you so much for helping me, seriously
  12. I have seen some photos, and I have the doubt if someone did it since it is known that the updates of the mods are not published in the announcements ... any news or comments about it I appreciate it in advance
  13. Hi everybody, I just got interested in the Operation Desert Storm mod, which is amazing imho. I haven't bought SF2 yet, and i see some planes (like the Tomcat) are not in the standard edition, but i should buy DLCs (North Atlantic expansion in this case). I've seen the Tomcat, among many other planes that are not included in the vanilla SF2 in the OP Desert Storm mod. Now i was wondering: do i need North Atlantic expansion or all DLCs for SF2 to get OP Desert Storm mod to work? Or even if i got no Tomcat in the vanilla game, as soon as i download the mod i'll get it together with all other planes and assets? Are all those things included in the mod, so i just need to install it, without having all SF2 DLCs bought? Or all the "extra" planes and assets i see in the mod are there thanks to DLCs and expansion packs? Thank you very much for helping me out guys
  14. Hello everyone, has someone added a 3d element to an existing cockpit using the false pilot method ??? I want to make a modification to cockpit by putting elements and making them visible through the line "open cockpit = true", but I want to know the experience of some of you
  15. Enjoying the Korean Air War campaign overall. But sometimes, when things get very busy, the framerate will slow almost to a crawl. My setup is the following (relevant info): W10 i5 2500 (non K) 8GB Ram 1TB 7200 GTX 1050ti (newish drivers, forget the number exactly, 45X I think) Sound Blaster Z Do I need a serious upgrade to cut through the slowdowns and framerate drops?
  16. Hi everyone, im trying to make a Su-30KI mod based on Marc's Su-27 using a SKM cockpit with my own camo skin, and i tried getting the flag of Indonesia on the aircraft in the decal.ini of the skin and i showed nothing so i made a 650 x 400 Jpeg of the flag and converted it to .tga and it was 739kb and it looked like the picture below. so i thought the pic / file must be too big. Then i re made the flag with a 8 x 4 jpeg and it was a 1kb file, and it was the same problem. i tried lowering the scale all the way to 0.003 and nothing changed. But then i notice the default 51D has the Indonesian flag if i change the nation to Indonesia in single mission, soo is there a way to just get the national flag of it and how?
  17. Hi everyone, im trying to make a Su-30KI mod based on Marc's Su-27 using a SKM cockpit with my own camo skin, and i tried getting the flag of Indonesia on the aircraft in the decal.ini of the skin and i showed nothing so i made a 650 x 400 Jpeg of the flag and converted it to .tga and it was 739kb and it looked like the picture below. so i thought the pic / file must be too big. Then i re made the flag with a 8 x 4 jpeg and it was a 1kb file, and it was the same problem. i tried lowering the scale all the way to 0.003 and nothing changed. But then i notice the default 51D has the Indonesian flag if i change the nation to Indonesia in single mission, soo is there a way to just get the national flag of it and how?
  18. Recently i just downloaded the mod for the Su37 and uhh i cant find a way to make the Missiles work, the R77 and R74 wont show up in the weapon list nor would the aircraft automatically choose a loudout. is there a way to fix this, Same as the F-22A mod but there the Aim-120's are available but the radar is absolutely broken. Help? p.s made a Indonesian skin cuz why not
  19. Hey, I own Strike Fighters 2 Flight Simulator I want to install new aircraft like the F-16 and F-35. The videos I have seen show an "EXE" and "INI" file. I don't have them. Also, I installed the game on a different drive named "G" rather than the o so common "C" drive. I read the Readme and the Knowledge Hub but the are unclear and/or again show those "EXE" and "INI" files. All the videos I have seen make a new standalone game and download a mod. I want to add an aircraft to the game, I don't know how to do it and if it works where I can select and play said aircraft. Please help me Idk if this is even going to be seen.
  20. Hi! Im pretty new in the community, but i am into sound and the game its actually really eazy to mod in that regard! So, im making a big sound mod with high quality samples from other games like BF4 and DCS. I´ve replacing a lot of sounds using a existing mod (Strike Figthers 2 Sounds) But maybe some of the sounds are still in the CAT files and i cant find them. Can someone help me extract all the stock Sound files from the Cat? Thank you. PD: also i plan put the Ace Combat Voices in the game but that sounds files are there.
  21. I downloaded the mod in campaign ODS but the the mod doesn't show in the screen what should I do ?
  22. Hi everyone, I've a problem with this mod. I wanna simulate the actions of de 1 of mayo but can not modify the ships object in Estrecho de San Carlos (Falkland Sound) 'cause on that date they were not in that place. Is there a way to modify it?. Thxs
  23. I a few days ago realized there was another patch level available (here at combay ace) and another later large weps pak available. I believe the patch is the 08...i had been running the last 06 level. Anyway, loading those and everything is great except now i can't see SAM smoke trails which makes it hard to dodge them. Has anyone encountered this and have an idea how to fix? Also, has anyone every taken out a AAA or SAM radar with any of the available anti-radiation missles? On any patch level. Back in the day when I first got a f-4g off columb 5 i think i hit one once and later decided it was by accident. Does wild weasel and iron hand work better in SF2? Recently I asked for recommendations about upgrading to a newer game and thanks for the suggestions everyone. After loading the latest patch and weps pak everythng is better (except the sam smoke thing) so i think i'll stick with sf1 until i can afford a much better machine and make a quantom leap in the latest ghraphic engined game like DCS. However, SF with the complete patches and high res skins, cockpits, and later editions of terrains is pretty dambn good. Is SF2 much better? I think it will run on what i got. Before i make any moves in purchasing a new game or definitely a new pc i will have to improve my finacial situation as my health issues have put me in a bind. I want to make a donation to combat ace as soon as i can as ya'll have really helped me thru some tough times keeping my mind busy with the mods and stuff. However, they raised the rent again this year and i'm having to buy more meds. The ole ticker is having some issues. Anyway, you know i love them fighter planes.
  24. Hi In the book "Israeli Mirage and Nesher Aces" by Shlomo Aloni, I have found the information that: Throughout its 20 years of service, the Mirage III underwent just four major technical changes in IDF/AF service – theintroduction of the ‘holding switches’, replacement of the Cyrano with ballast, swapping the Atar 9B for the 9C and, finally, removal of part of the ballast at ace Kobi Richter’s request in 1977. This moved the centre of gravity backwards, cutting minimum speed from 150 to 120 knots and increasing maximum ‘G’ from 6.5 to 7.3, thus improving sustained turn rates". I would like to create this late modification of Mirage from 1977 for SF2 by: 1) changing empty mass of plane; 2) changing inertia of plane; 3) changing center of gravity position of plane but I need some additional informations which I can not find: 1) have I to change any other data in DATA.ini file to properly reproduce the changes in flight model? 2) what is the mass of Cyrano Ibis radar/nose ballast? 3) how much of the ballast was removed? 4) how much has the center of gravity changed? Please help. Thanks in advance.

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