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  1. Okay, I re down loaded the patch and this time I choose to read the files off the CFS3 cd instead of the installed game files and Winzip extracted and installed. But I am unable to run the game. I get as far as the splash screen with the German pilot taking a smoke by his Albatros. The game hangs there, I can hear the music. I have to ctrl alt delete to exit the program.
  2. It's the original BH&H CD. I'll try Downloading the patch again as Winder suggests. I got this game running before, pretty sure it was on this computer and not my previous build.
  3. Extracting OverFlandersFields_Patch12V1pt32SuperPatch.exe Error: CRC mismatch in file "OverFlandersFields_Patch12V1pt32SuperPatch.exe" in the archive "C:\Documents and Settings\Duffy\My Documents\Downloads\OverFlandersFields_Patch12V1pt32SuperPatch.rar" This error message comes from Winzip. The extraction process goes on for a bit until it stops to show that message. Mismatch file? How do I fix that? I installed CFS 3 and the old unpatched OFF from the CD first. Also unpatched OFF won't run either. It hangs on the screen that appears after the gameplay vids. Should I uninstall everything and try again? None of my install attempts seem to work except for CFS3. I can run that game okay.
  4. Thoughts about P4

    I dunno. I don't think any pilot would willingly hang on to an inferior plane. From what I have read they felt very challenged and morale suffered if pilots so much as thought they were going head to head against a foe in a superior plane. They all wanted the advantage of the best machine available and couldn't get their hands on them fast enough. They might be nostalgic about their old ride but all it would take is one encounter against a machine that could out gun, out climb, out dive, out run, or out turn yours and he would be ready to trade that puppy in, pronto.
  5. I agree, on board sound sucks. I realized this by having a computer built that utilized it. After I got home with it I noticed the speakers didn't sound right, then I took the sound card out of my old computer and installed it into the new one. It was just an old Sound Blaster Audigy 2, but it still made all the difference over on board sound. I guess you also need a decent pair of computer speakers to hear the difference. I continue to use the same sound card today, old as dirt but still blows away on board sound.
  6. Gameplay Cut Short?

    Okay Herr thanks, I will check that out!
  7. During the campaign I notice as soon as the computer decides I am effectively shot down the screen goes black and I am sent right back to the sortie results page. It seems that I am missing the part where I actually go down in flames, or down in a spin, or whatever. The game boots me as soon as I am hit, way before I actually crash into the ground. Anyone know what I am talking about? It seems I should have the option of watching my plane go all the way down and crash before getting booted out of the game. As soon as I am shot the game freezes, then the screen goes black, and it's game over. It is kind of abrupt.
  8. Are these drivers worth a try? I have no issues with the current ones.
  9. What was your Fun Car?

    Back in the 1980s I had a 1960 VW bug with a cloth sun roof. I loved driving it around. It had a slightly built motor so it was a little faster than stock. I bought it from a VW enthuisast who was selling it because he bought a earlier pre 1957 bug with the oval rear window. The 1960 was in great shape, without a speck of rust anywhere on it. When I got married my new wife made me sell it, claiming it was unsafe if you got in a wreck.
  10. Here he is demonstrating TiR 5. This video goes into more detail about the TiR 5 hardware and software. It was this video that sold me on a TiR, I never used one before TiR 5. One point I disagree with is his preference for the TrackPro over the TrackClip. The TrackClip is a simple wireless way to use TiR while the TrackPro requires you to use a headset, and also have the reflectors plugged into a USB. I like the freedom of using my PC speakers and the TrackClip without being wired up to anything. He describes the TrackPro system as unobtrusive, but it is not. You are required to play with your headset, which is wired, and also the ProClip that fastenes to your headset, is also wired to your computer. I purchased the TrackPro but if I had to do it over I would get the TrackClip. The TrackPro package comes with both systems so I have flown with both, but I never use the TrackPro. If I want to play using headphones I can fasten the Clip to them, using duct tape if I had to, and play with the freedom of wireless.
  11. Maybe Turkey Shoot is suppose to keep respawning enemies, but it doesn't in my game.
  12. What exactly is the difference between Dogfight and Turkey Shoot?
  13. Suggest you try 74 Squadron They fly the Viper version of the Se5a Performance is the same but there are some small differences in the craft that improve vision The tubular Aldis Sight is replaceed by a simple Ring Sight And the headrest is removed giving a clear view to the rear That is a pretty good reason to switch right there.
  14. Thanks for all the input you guys. I already died flying my SE5a. Never even saw a single Hun, or got out of England! I was taking off on a typical combat mission when I flew into a wingman on the airfield. Inglorious end to be sure! I might start up another pilot in 56 Squadron, but start a little later so I will be in France and maybe see some action before I do something dumb.

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