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  1. What's Up With The Brits??

    hey at least the Brits helped and are still helping in Iraq our stupid Prime Minister wouldnt send any troops what so ever to help our allies......now she sends in engineers to help with rebuilding but still didnt even send in medics initially to help like we did in the first Gulf War
  2. well at least it only blew your tail off so you could survive to eject.......great screenshots, im stil waiting for it to get here the game i mean :P
  3. Falcon 4 Gold Announced

    well from what i have heard it wont take 2 years thats for sure as wil be sooner than that but definitely not this xmas for falcon 5
  4. Falcon 4 Gold Announced

    it will be out by xmas for definite :D
  5. I Said Goodbye To Armand Today......

    sorry to hear about your loss navychief but try and look at it that the cat is now in a better place and doesnt suffer of feel pain.......im not religious but just think its a nice way of looking at things. I used to breed the long haired version of the siamese and they are great pets. Pets are better companionship than people in alot of cases ;)
  6. Call Of Duty

    i love it i played the demo through and there is also another demo being released and is a carry on from the original demo but only on PC Gamer magazine cd's for now...........i love how your part of a squad and they actually duck and evade being killed, i will be getting it when i can afford it B) kiwi
  7. Fair Strike Demo

    i keep forgetting to download and try it so im interested in whether its worth downloading...........i had heard a comment at another forum that it is arcade like is this true? your thoughts on this demo would be good to hear B) kiwi
  8. okay thats probably why i have had major trouble getting into the forum and accessing pages as it either doesnt load the page at all or takes minutes to load......but your site looks way better now not that the other didnt but i jsut think this looks lots better B) kiwi
  9. Okay is it just me or does the forums load slower now....... im not complaining im just wondering if its supposed to happen kiwi
  10. well i love it I have a p3 733 384 megs ram gf4mx440 64meg ram windows 98se and i have all options on low and the demo on *cougheasycough* and only get slight hiccups now and again but nothing really to complain about although only flown the hog and havent tried the mig yet. :P all i did was download from checksix website instal, start demo lower graphics settings then fly and had no hassles nothing admittedly dont get fancy graphics but its still pretty flash to me :ph34r: B) B) B) kiwi PS love what they have done to the forums its way cool B)

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