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  1. F16B 1982 End of mission

    Great pic!!! O.O
  2. F16B 1982 End of mission

    Mods added?
  3. Thank you MigBuster !! mandatory pic:
  4. those MiG-21 are awesome !! must get them bye pic: ::: EDIT ::: ps. I forgot how to remove the kill markings from skins... anyone remember ? ....so un-realistic... :-(
  5. Goodevening, gentlemen. I've been away for a while... lots of pages to scroll here! :-) very good pics!
  6. Stary, I've tried several different settings for FX in the game, but I never found out a standard combination that give the right light/shadow feeling in all conditions (sunrise, noon, dusk, night, overcast ...) i.e. this is unedited, pure ingame ! tried merging "sarcasm" with "better widesky sf2" bye
  7. thank you Blaze95 ! I only use SARCASM 1.4 by Stary (best of all time, IMO) and.... ... photoshop .... Edit: I'll soon post some un-edited pics c'mon! Hi gentlemen!
  8. here's some shots I've restored from my old PC ... Eagles in Iceland Bye, Gents

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