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  1. Wings Over Israel Missions

  2. The first time I remember this accruing was on a bombing run in ODS in the USMC F-18 .Though It happens in all installs and aircraft across the board . I have seen it in all stock TW full 5 merge and in ODS ,Falklands ,KOREA ,Modern Korea and Green Hell. I do use the T button and the target is just not there ( once just see what would happen I ran out of fuel look for the target visually ). I Have only seen this with ground targets. When this occurs the mission is all ways a FAIL hinse the back out and rerun.
  3. This X-ACT thing has been happening in my full merge every since I moved up to SF2 from SE1. I HAVE NOT BEN ABLE TO FIND OUT WHY !!!! So I back out to MAIN SCREEN and restart the mission with no hit to my pilot stats. It usually runs fine the second time thru for me BUT it is ANNOYING AS HELL. Good Luck in the search for the cause !!
  4. When you install the TW expantion packs ( SF2 Europe and Israel ) are they soppose to set there own mad folder or just expand the earlyer install ?
  5. Ya, kinda like when you BUY a game from STEAM but you don't really own it so you can't run it on your game comp that is not connected to the net !
  6. Why not a wormhole effect command to allow a Vulcan to tack off in map a of England (BOB) ,fly to a given point on the map and JUMP to given point on the South Atlantic map (Falklands 82) for the target and then reverce for the return trip . I don't know how or if it is possable but it sounds good . Given maps could then be linked together without derangment to the maps. IE Germany to Israel to Pershan gulf and on and on till the hole of the world was covered . Just a thought !
  7. I still fly all of my SF1 stuff . I copy and pasted them in programs X86 ans made new shortcuts on the destop . THEY WORK GR8!!! The only let down is the I have not been abel to get Kreelin's QMD to work.
  8. independent Scotland?

    To HECK with all that, Can we in the U.S. get rid of Cally-NewYork-DC now ???
  9. New Star Wars photos

    It is actually the start of the new SCOTS AIR FORCE : )) !!!!!
  10. Kid's don't know S**t!

    My first good ( !!!! ))) flight sim was B-17 on the INTELLEVISION !! It dose not make me feel old, HELL, I AM !! But just like DC-3s and B-52 I plan on upgrades and Modernizing to at least 100 or better. With drones Gs don't matter bring on the kids we'll kick there ^$$ !!!! Thanks for the blast from the past !
  11. Midway-Class Aircraft Carrier SCB-110

    FANTASTIC ! Thank You I am back to flying Med cruises in SF2 I. !!
  12. Win 7 64 on an AMD FX 8350 at 4.0 GHz with16 Mb mem. Not one problum that I did't cause ! Have a secound drive with XP 64 on same computer and it runs all my SF1 stuff almost as well !! I would not touch 8 with your hands much less mine!! GOOD LUCK with what ever you decide to use !!
  13. I didn't know Thunderstruck was played in the 1800's

    The reason Rock & Roll did't catch on then was not shown in the video. The two guys were taken out back and burned at the stake for being on " A HIGHWAY TO HELL !!! "
  14. Aero Glass - Augmented Reality for real pilots

    For years we tried to make the video game more real , Now the real world meshes with the video game world !!

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