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  1. Cruddy Mondays

    It's already Tuesday where I'm at but, I guess I might well post something on here. Have some Raptors in supercruise over Manila, probably chasing off Chinese stealth fighters or some shit:
  2. Any ETA on its release? Or is it one of those "When it's Done" type things? Either way just take your time on this thing, it's looking great so far. Also one more thing, can you take off from cities like Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hanoi or Manila?
  3. If you had to buy a new automobile.

    tbh, if we're talking realistically here, I'd probably get me (or even my family) one of these: Should be good enough to traverse through flooded roads here in the Philippines. Now if we're talkin' dream cars that you'll never get to afford/obtain in your lifetime, on the other hand...
  4. Glad to know it ain't dead. By the way I just have to ask, this map contains just the disputed areas, right? Or does it contain the rest of Southeast Asia as well?
  5. ...um, oookay then. I just want to fly UH-60s in this game so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ EDIT: Also, apologize if I sound like a complete dumbass right now, there was a power outage where I was and, let's just say that my brain couldn't handle all the humidity said blackout brought...
  6. Pretty much what the title suggests but, I suppose I should elaborate: I've been looking for good UH-60 Blackhawk addons for this game, and so far, the only one I've found happened to be on A-Team's site and...well, I'm pretty sure you all know hard it is to obtain those addons (mainly due to the whole password-protected thing the site's got on its downloads) but anyway... With that being said, I'm just going to ask: Is there anyone working on any sort of Blackhawk-related addon for SF2 right now? Doesn't matter if it's WIP or whatnot but, I'm just genuinely curious. Also, as cool as it would be, I'm not necessarily asking for a download or whatever. Again, I'm just asking if a Blackhawk addon's in the works right now.
    It's a pretty decent WW2 map, I guess. But as a Filipino myself (and trust me, I'm normally anything but proud of that fact considering... well... yeah), just couldn't help but cringe at its name. Seriously. I get that some people are having a hard time spelling it and all but, it's Philippines. Not Phillipines. Thankfully a simple ini edit fixes that issue but, I digress. Either way, a decent/good WW2 map, 3.5/5, will fly Hellcats over it again.
  7. So, any ETA on when this come out, or will it come out whenever it's done (or am I just dumb and am missing something here? Somehow I think that's the one that's most likely) Either way, no rush, I'd rather let you guys take your time with this thing and release something great, rather than releasing something unfinished and... not so great, so to speak. Unless, like I said, I'm actually ****ing dumb and I probably missed something here, in that case then... yeah, apologies for my mistake...

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