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  1. you can pause the game (not sure on hard but you can on easy/normal
  2. ArmA1 Multiplayer

    hey everyone i just got arma1 today (my comp can handle it at normal but cant run arma2 ima get that when i get my new laptop) i havnt played it much yet because im ill i dont really feel like playing today :( but if anyone wants to play some multiplayer then send a pm to me here or add me on xfire:cianw1.
  3. sorry i dont really know then. im quite new to the game aswell.
  4. have you tried options ? options>gameplay>difficulty. there is easy, normal,hard or custom.
  5. F16FACH121.jpg

    what game is this and what button to open cockpit hatch?
  6. Metal will never die !

    lol, wtf song is this? nvm i just saw it at the top stupid me xD Iron Maiden and Metal live on forever!!
  7. what do you think of this computer?

    i checked ebay but they vary quite a bit, which is why i posted here with some of the specs.
  8. what do you think of this computer?

    the thing i need to know most is howmuch the macbook pro is worth because that will define howmuch i have to spend on a new computer. if i have enough i will get this My link (left) or a desktop of MESH. i would prefer a new laptop really so i can use it for scoial when watching TV. also which of the laptops is better in your opinions? because not always higher the price better the product. the alienware is more expensive but may not be better. if the alienware is better what settings will it run SF and ARMA2 on? also is ARMA1 easyer to run than arma2? thanks
  9. http://www.meshcomputers.com/Default.aspx?PAGE=PRODCATEGORYVIEWPAGE&USG=APPLICATION&ENT=APPLICATION&KEY=842206&x=1 this is laptop im thinking of getting(one on left). how well do you think it will run WOX series and series2? also what setting do you think it could run arma2 on? im going to sell my laptop to afford this new one, but howmuch do you think a 2nd hand macbook pro 17" is worth? it has 1.98gb RAM - 250gb 7200rpm HDD.
  10. it worked! will this method work with all weapon packs?
  11. ok thanks alot you cleared things up
  12. so just open wep editor open up the wep data in it then open the 2 fuel tank things then save? or do i just oopen editor>open wepdata>click save and its as easy as that?
  13. this might make me seem kinda lazy but would anyone do it for me over teamviewer please? i have no idea why but its really confusing me id be gratefull if someone could do it for me in teamviewer hen atlease i can see and watch how its done and then if i need to do it again in future i will know how.
  14. http://combatace.com/topic/9323-adding-weapons-to-sfwovwoe-a-tutorial/ ive read this topic but the question i have is for the very first part, im not sure what to do?

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