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  1. E-2C Skin Pack By Dave and JSF Aggie

    hey amigo donde puedo conseguir este avion
  2. mirage 2000-5 tiger meet v2

    donde puedo conseguir este avion respondan porfavor
  3. Strike Fighters Exp Pack 1: June 2010 Patch

    necesito tener los parches anteriores para poder instalar este ?
  4. Fullback loading screen

    mariomed8 me puedes pasar este avion xfa
  5. I did read the readme file and unzipped it first and put all thatbrings the file where you should go
  6. this is the first : http://combatace.com/files/file/12023-mirage-2000b-export-vol-1/
  7. but my problem starts before when I'm on the runway the plane does not appear
  8. and review the issue and I have everything well but maybe it'sbecause I have not updated
  9. Preguntas varias y dudas en general

    hola soy novato en el simulador de Strike fighters 2 cuando instalo un nuevo avion y luego quiero volar con el no aparece nada es como si el avion no estuviera ahi quien me puede ayudar con este problema
  10. ok what happens is when I install a new plane in strike fighters 2 and I fly I can not see anything that is not as if the plane was not there
  11. i am new to this series strike fighters when I start the game andchoose a plane that just install and choose and give hope to flyafter aver load nothing comes loaded none of the planes have tofly if someone can help me be thank you much

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