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  1. Saw this Vid Posted by Michael Molina on Facebook. Real nice walk around. might be useful as reference for the F-14D model.
  2. In my opinion i'll get the latest one. since it has the new engine and such. further development of the series will most likely be based on this and current mod release are for this level so this for me will be the best platform. other than that it will be europe since a lot of past mods have this in mind. that's just me though.
  3. Site Upgrades

    Looks real nice.
  4. Nice plane! Great work! Didn't know that this was proposed for VFAX. makes me wonder why they chose the F-18 over this... oh wait they picked the f-18 over the F-14. bunch of idiots.
  5. curious lang, me pinoy ba dito?

    Just wonderin if there are any Pinoy roaming site. If you are pinoy. let us where your from and what game you play. i hope i have a fellow SF enthusiast here.
  6. 3rd Wire Toolkits - April 2012

    cool. saves us both time and effort. thanks.
  7. New Arrival!

  8. Partly yes. I want to set it up so my most recent and my 4 yr old laptop can play together. The other reason is that both my system are a bit anemic and im still biased in using XP. as it turns out AvionicsF14 on other SF2 version on its own.
  9. Too bad, i was thinking of maybe using the model on the old gen. planes. many dont like the new F14 pit but i kinda like it. thanks for the info guys.
  10. can anyone tell me where can i extract the .lod files from SF2NA. Im trying to get the lod files for the F-14 adn cant seem to find them in objectcat.
  11. Thanks for the templates. im able to create some skin of my own because of it. ^_^
  12. Sorry bout that. i didn't realize i made a mistake on the post. my apologies.
  13. I was browsing youtube for F-8 vids and i came across this post by a guy calling himself "pappystu". Now i don't like real war and i don't think this will actually happen and i pray that it doesn't coz if it did, my country won't survive. But thinking about it. It is probable. And it would probably turn out into a good fictional campaign set in future events. Here's his post: As China, the US, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and Brunei strive for sovereignty over disputable islands in the South China Sea trying to find oil and gas deposits there. Chinese leader Hu Jintao ordered the national navy command to "prepare for war". Analysts suppose the words of the Chinese leader could be also interpreted as "armed struggle" or "armed conflict", although meaning of the phrase remains the same. Reportedly, such statement was made at the meeting with China's top-ranking military authorities. The head of PRC said that the navy "should as soon as possible improve its modernization, and summon up all strength to prepare for war and promote national security". DigitalGlobe Analysis Center shows the Chinese aircraft carrier Varyag sailing in the Yellow Sea, approximately 100 kilometers south-southeast of the port of Dalian, China. According to international experts, China had earlier acquired its first aircraft carrier and is presently modernizing the national navy. Analysts consider China may get ready for "war" against Vietnam and Philippines. The latter has repeatedly blamed China for overt aggression in the region. US president Obama said last month that American administration would expand presence in the South China Sea. According to some information, in this case the US looks like the only real competitor to China. However, American military expects no aggression from China. Vietnam has received a second Russian-made guided missile warship as tensions over disputed islands in the South China Sea continue. Vietnam received a second Russian-made guided missile warship as tensions over disputed islands in the South China Sea continue. The Southeast Asian nation has also ordered to buy six diesel-electric "Project 636" Kilo submarines for a total of $2 billion. The delivery of the first submarine was expected in three years Meanwhile, Philippine President Aquino leads the Christening and Commissioning ceremony of the country's newly-acquired Hamilton class warship BRP Gregorio Del Pilar (PF15) Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2011 at the Manila South Harbor in Manila, Philippines. The country's biggest and most modern warship will be deployed to the volatile South China Sea, according to Philippine President Aquino China and Vietnam agreed to widen military cooperation on Oct 15. The document provides expansion of contacts between military authorities of the two countries. Besides, it is expected to set a "hot line" between Chinese and Vietnamese defense ministers. This decision was made to reduce tension between the two countries.]Note: Iran threatened to conduct drills to close the Strait of Hormuz in recent days leaving in question which dispute may lead to troubles in the near future... I have nothing against China. But i have to admit that Is a world power. A power that could be bigger than anyone ever seen. (the man power alone is incredible So the campaign could go like this. The world economy continues to dwindle. China on the other hand grows stronger due to the world depending on their manufacturing and labor industry contract with the west. Oil supply in the middle east decreases and more expensive. Discovery: a huge oil reserve and natural gasses(alternative energy) within the surrounding area of said islands with its vein running all over China, Philippines Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, Japan etc. A race to tap and control on this reserve ensue. The west(USA/NATO/Europe) wants to stage a partnership with smaller countries in their development of the refineries so they to could have a share(mutual benefit). Japan as well as the other nation like the Philippines agreed since al of them will mutually benefit. However China who has secretly had been modernizing its military power has already is confident that it has the strength to go against the entire world made a move it made a simultaneous attack (construction of oil refinery site) on Japan, the Philippines and Thailand. Effectively declaring war. Fear of China winning the war and gaining monopoly Nato Joins the war and surprisingly Russia Declares its assistance as well. But China has other allies as well. I think this could work on as a campaign. there's a lot of Chinese and other south-east asian fighter available for download. J10, J20 and Su27Sk(this could be copied and manufactured by china on their own). Plus It's always been in the back of my mind that the Su-27 Mig-29,EF-2000 and the F-14/15/16 will look good flying together. The only problem with this is that this would need a new map. but then again this could be a great group project kinda like ODS. I would work on it myself but i neither have the hardware or knowledge for it. Im gonna leave it here. Im not expecting anything but, if anyone decides to do this i would be more than glad to help. Just tell me what to do.

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