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  1. OUTSTANDING! How much will it cost? Looking forward to J-10 also! :yes:
  2. Allied Force Contest

    Hey Fates! Great contest! I'd love to get my hands on a new TIR4! CombatAce is awesome! Now I'm gonna have to try flying F4 with the guys over at MultiViper... <S!> J. "Snake" Davis :ph34r:
  3. Sweet! Once again, Wrench you are THE MAN. Here's wishing you a full and speedy recovery Starfighter! Thanks! <S!> J. "Snake" Davis :ph34r:
  4. Hey starfighter2: (or anybody else) I haven't been able to get the two complementary external points under the wings for air-ground rockets S-21 and air-air missiles K-3 (AA-2 Atoll) on the MiG-17AS to show. Any tips? Thanks! <S!> J. "Snake" Davis :ph34r:
  5. Hey Guys! What's a good plane for FAC on the Soviet side? I'm using Yak-9 now... Before that, I was having the Stuka (!) show up on my Soviet CAS missions Thanks! <S!>
  6. How come everybody's shipping EXCEPT Amazon? WTF?!! Update: Shipped via USPS (estimated arrival date: 06-June-2006). 2nd Update: Got it yesterday! (6-3-06) =D It's Awesome! Anybody flying on-line WOE yet? <S!>
  7. Nice! Amazon or GoGamer?
  8. Yes, I agree w/ Heck 100%! Great stuff MK2!! Hey MK2: Any chance you might do an add-on MiG-17PFU VPAF Campaign? :)
  9. Looks like it's gonna be fun! :) I love your stuff MK2!!

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