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  1. Can anyone tell Me is this aircraft for down load anywhere. Thanks (I found it on Capun's site under pre-WW1 aircraft)
  2. CA_Stary Have you tried redoing the nuke effect I would love to se what you could come up with. These effects are number 1 thanks for your hard work.
  3. I can't get this to D/L either. I get the We're sorry, but your last request produced the following error: We could not find the file specified .
  4. These ar great the best i've seen you and deuces are masters at your work. I would love to see you do the nuke blast over. Keep up the great work guys your work dose not go unnoticed and is appricated by all. thanks again.
  5. This is a great Mod and another step in making SFP-1 the Greatest SIM Ever. Can someone tell me where I can D/L a BM-14-16 Katyuscha so I can install this mod. I have used the search here and SimHQ and no Joy. Can you steer me in the right direction. Thanks for the mod.
  6. What kind of file is this. I don't have anything that will open it. It looks like a tag file. I didn't get a zip file when I downloaded it. All I got was what looks like a TAG file that is called 1264. Can you help Me. thanks for your work. Mad Mike
  7. I got the D/L at avism it took me a little time to find it but it was there your instrutions took me right to ti thanks bunches. Mad Mike
  8. Thanks bunches Howling. Mad mike
  9. If you are using a precreated mission or one of your (.msn) mission files you can't use the alt-n it will freeze up every time. you have to put it on auto pilot and use your advanse time key alt-T to x2 x4 x8 and wait untill you get to your ingress way point. It has to do something with the SFP-1 game engine.
  10. Do you think you could mention it to him. I,m sorry for being impatience but I've tried for 2 months to get Wolf to post the Ki-43 again since he pulled it . thanks for your patience with me. M ad Mike
  11. Do you Guys have the Ki-43 Oscar for SFP-1. Look at this thread from Sim HQ All I can find at Bio is 2 skins for the ki-43. there is no ki-43 A/C in the SFP-1 download section. Could you post the site address where it is OK to D/L. Thanks again for your help Mad Mike. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- posted 09-19-2004 10:39AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It may take a while before it's posted for download, the guys over at Biohaz doublecheck all submissions to make sure they are what they are supposed to be and not some virus bomb. If any of you could host this I'd appreciate it as I don't have a website. Mabe You have it here at Bio somewhere? Thanks Mad Mike
  12. Dave can I fix the old inis to work. With the new TF58 there are so many missions for the Fritter 7BM. I hate to go up against so many lethal targets with 2 fab500s. I might just sit on top and buy a bunch of chapstiscks. A little true story for you. It was 1967 tet had just started I was a newbe. we took off early and it didn't take us long to get into the mix.We where making runs on heavy troop consintrations. The tracers where flying all over. I had to lean out the side of the gunship and laydown cover fire on our egress. I pulled down my visor on my helmet and couldn't see a thing. thats scarry so had to fire with the wind in my face. that was not much better. Because at 120 knots your eyes fill with water or tears. I learned a lession that day take care of your visor it could save your life. thanks Mad Mike
  13. Thanks Armourdave I didn't know that the old addons where incompatanle. But then how would you change the wepons loadout ? Some of the aircraft I can do that and I noticed some I can't. I have used and seen your word and it's great thanks. You don't know the enjoyment I've had flying your planes and mods. Mad Mike
  14. Thanks Dagger I know someone has these ini's that work. My data ini for the SU7BM leaves the pilot sitting on top of the plane and I got it from the nosegear stering download. I cant believe every one is flying with the pilot on top of the plane and the wepons above the wings.So I'll just wait and mabe someone will post them somewhere. Mad Mike
  15. How did you get it to change planes my planes are grayed out and the drop down box won't open. Did you get any info with it mine downloaded without instructions Mad Mike

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