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  1. [Fictional] Chengdu JH-6 "Flashfire"

    Well China did have a chance to equip Mirages, but Mirage 2000s.
  2. SF2 Chengdu F-7M Fishbed Series Pak by Mod Mafia/TMF

    Why the insginias can't be put on both wings? It seems that only the vertical tail position is available to put on tga pictures.
  3. Shenyang J-6 Pack

    I believe that Chengdu AVIC produced the most J-7s
  4. SF2 Korean War Era PLAAF/NKPAF MiG-15

    Thank you for sharing~! However according to the screenshot that the skins are still a bit different from the reality. Mig-15 and other Chinese jet fighters didn't paint red and white stripes on the tail and rudder, while P-51s did. You can refer to this website http://www.afwing.com/intro/scheme/plaaf/plaaf_scheme1.htm for further information. Again, great job, and wish you make it better.
  5. PAF F-7MP Airbolt

    F-7MP should have dual-triangle wings, which is not found there.
  6. MiG-29A DPRK skin

    Wow they didn't use that skin in fact... this one is better than the actual paint.. According to the TV they still patint their migs with blue (bottom) and green (above), simple combination, isn't it?
  7. SF2 - USNF - Mainscreen

    It did bring me a lot of memories...
  8. [Fictional] Chengdu J-14 Stealth Fighter

    Good job man, though I've not even heard about that plane as a Chinese...

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