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  1. Happy to announce our new game

    Always love the naval simulators games, i'm a Dangerous Waters player for like 5 years, expect to see this game on selling soon as possible! VOTED YES!
  2. Great! But, i have a problem, i cant open the bomb bay doors, anyone can help me?
  3. Chinese Fighter Pilot movie Eng. dub

    Cool, this J-10 its a nice plane, thanks for sharing.
  4. Guys, i was trying to post some images, and i received this message: " An error occurredYou are not allowed to use that image extension on this community.
  5. Frisian Flag 2014

    Like the C-130 with ECM pod's, thanks for sharing.
  6. Wargame AirLand / Red Dragon

    I have airland and Red Dragon now on Beta, i like this game so much, i dont play a lot but i like it much, my nick is: commandoBR , fell free to add.
  7. CAS is the only word in my mind when i think in Super Tucano.
  8. Brazil chooses Gripen

    An interesting fact, copy this from F-16.net. Sweden has been participating more and more in international excersises, flying with/against U.S, Norweigan and Finnish airforces. The outcome has proven that the Gripen far exceeds the capabilites of earlier generation fighters such as the F-16A/B/C/D and F/A-18C/D. There has been WVR dogfights aswell as BVR engagements. I’ve had the great opportunity to meet and talk to several Gripen pilots during the summer and all of them say the same thing(although not in the excact same words). In WVR combat against F-16′s the Gripen showed to have no problem in position itself on the tail of the F-16, and the F-16 could not match the superb manouverability of the Gripen, offered by its unstable delta/canard configuration. The Gripen cannot match the T/W ratio of the U.S fightes but the Gripens more modern aerodynamic design allows it to pull tighter turns witout losing momentum. In the words of one of the Gripen pilots: “If the F-16 and Gripen would both excecute a 9G turn, the F-16 would lose alot more airspeed in that turn than the Gripen”. In BVR there was no contest at all. In excersises with Finnish F/A-18′s the Gripen won ALL of the WVR and BVR fights. The TIDLS proved to be a superior tool in the BVR fights. The F/A-18′s were hit with multiple simulated AMRAAM shots, before they even knew that the Gripen fighters were present. The Gripen pilots said in WVR dogfights the F/A-18 became easier to take out the lower they went, and at 2000m, there was simply no contest.
  9. Cruzex flight 2013

    Between 4 and 15 November 2013, was conducted in northeastern Brazil the cruzex 2013 exercise with the air forces of Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador and also with the American and Canadian. The exercise included various types of operations including helicopters and special forces actions with forward air controllers. The photos can be seen in Brazilian air force flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/portalfab/with/10851743463/ In this link you can see the media flight video: http://www.cruzex.aer.mil.br/index.php/component/allvideoshare/video/latest/cruzex-2013-videoclip-media-flight-2013 I was post more photos but i receive this message: You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community.
  10. 100 years of Italian Naval Aviation

    Nice Choppers, i like so much this EH-101 and NH-90 in asw versions, thanks.
  11. Nice pics, thanks, love the ERJ-145 AEW.
  12. F-5E and F-5EM Tigre Brazilian Air Force (Pack)

    Duas duvidas, este é o F-5EM mesmo? Com cockpit novo tudo certinho? E eu reparei numa foto em que ele esta com o missil MAR-1, este pacote vem com o missil ou eu consigo ele aqui no forum mesmo na parte de download? Já baxei aqui o arquivo mas ainda não instalei, mesmo assim já estou deixando meus parabéns por mais esse trabalho/ thanks to everyone involved in this work.
  13. AF-1 Brazilian Navy

    E ai Denis tudo bem? Aqui estão as principais informações dos novos A-4 modernizados da Marinha do Brasil MB que você havia me perguntado se eu tinha algo a respeito: http://www.naval.com.br/blog/2013/05/25/voou-o-primeiro-jato-af-1-skyhawk-da-marinha-do-brasil-modernizado-pela-embraer/#axzz2XBJiDqcG
  14. Rainbow......Typhoon style....

    Typhoon always great!

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