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  1. Rudimentary VASI for WOV

    nice work Is this applicable on Strike Fighter 2 ?
  2. congratulations Mohamed send all my regards to Kuwaiti people
  3. TODEditor

    what can i do with file ?
  4. I have a question please in external view, Is it possible to make the plane fly with the camera fixed? I mean the plane banks only and camera will be in the middle don't' bank with the plane
  5. 2015 Lebanon SU24 being prepared for a new misssion

    what ground objects did you get for showing these ?
  6. when all my formation return to base and land , they disappears when landed on the runway. is there is a fix or this is normal
  7. EAW Code-Group Standalone

    many thanks for the effort, I played #6. 129EAW640x480.exe and I had these remarks 1- Mediterranean air war (Malta and north Africa) when selected I got this error ( run time error 76 path not found) 2- the game become harder ( I should shoot the plane many times to confirm the kill ) 3- the effect of shooting planes become very limited
  8. i have the same problem anyone have the solution
  9. PAF F-16B Block 15

    do you have egyptair force skin ???
  10. MiG-29M_SF2_2018

    the file is corrupted or damaged it wont' open after download
  11. EAW error (0xc0000142)

    i tried to play EAW in My laptop win 7 and Invidia G force and got his error the application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). click ok to close the application but in my friend pc having win 7 and works fine anybody could help me please
  12. IS IT applicable on SF2I Exp. ??????????//

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