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  1. Hi! I have a question. Why after upgrading of the site no latest files category is available now? Previously it was very easy to see the latest files to download. But now it is impossible and one has to check all subcategories to see what new was added to download. Will this be available again? Many thanks! In fact the site has become more pretty!
  2. Ok! Step by step) What I have done with Afghanistan terrain. I made a separate terrain for Soviet 1979-1989 campaign in order to use Soviet aircrafts against Afghanistan Taliban troops for which case I created a new nation name Afghanistan Taliban and made it friedly against enemy Soviets. For soviets I changed all targets from Friendly to Enemy in order to use the airfields. It went OK. The problem occurred with the friendly groundobjects which appeared in the terrain: like US tanks, AAAs etc. That is not true of course, as talibans did not have them. I limited the nationlist in this terrain, but the US and other NATO troops appeared anyway. Then I though if I make a separate talibanline in the Formation.ini in the Flight Folder. It did not help, cause US groundobjects appeared anyway. I understand that the situation is to be US Vs Soviet and the third force cannot be installed. The terrain is OK, the idea for Soviet campaign is OK, but I'm afraid nothing can be done rather than having a separate Wings over Afghanistan as you said before. I just wanted to have these terrains in my WOE. The same problem is with Aghsnistan terrain I left for NATO campaign from 2001 till present - created a new Aghanistan Talibans nation and some other work as well. But Soviet tanks appeared as well. So I'm stuck now and do not know what to do
  3. Did everything this way. Set Exported=False in the objectdata.ini. The nation name is not mentioned in the nations ini terrain. But the object successfuly appears anyway in other terrain. Do not know why((
  4. Many thanks! I will try this way! :-)
  5. Dear friedns. Please help with this issue. I want to use taliban troops and Taliban DSHK in Afghanistan terrain. But if I put them in the Ground objects Folder they will appear in every terrain. How to make it be usable only in this terrain and not to appear in the other ones? What is to be done?
  6. But how to make a separate Wings over Afghanistan?
  7. Gepard, it works! I downloaded the Afghanistan tileset and everything started working! It works excellent with GermanyCE.cat! But I've noticedone thing now! Only those aircrafts can be used in this terrain, which are set as friedly in the WOE Flight folder! All friendly nations! Not a single enemy nation can be used. Neither Soviet nor other enemy nations can be used set as enemy in the nations.ini in the Flight folder of WOE. There's a nations.ini inside Afghanistan terrain, where Soviet nation is set as friendly. I do not understand what to do. What do you thing about this?Very strange. I need your help with this issue now :-) Ah, there is another nations.ini in the flight folder that should be put infor the flight folder of the game! I will try now this!
  8. The game crashes when I select any aircraft and proceed to start. All of them work fine with other terrains. I think I made many mistakes with Afghanistan terrain when downloading it. The total terrain size in my game is 16 Mb only. I think it should not weigh so light. I donwloaded only Adghanistan terrain 1.0 beta. Maybe here I am wrong?
  9. Hi, Gepard! I have done everything you said, namely downloaded and installed the tiles and made changes in the data.inis of the Persian Gulf and Suez 2 terrains. Now they work perfect! Fantastic. Then I made changes in the data.inis by your info for the same to rectify the water issue when in high water resolution mode! This now works too!!! Many thanks to your help!!! I very appreciate for your help! I have one more question to you. There's Afghanistan terrain created by you. In fact there are three or four of them available for SF1 series. Namely it was mentioned thare that it was intended for WOI, but should work with WOE too without some effects. I downloaded and installed the latest version of it. It works with one or two aircrafts and does not work with many other aircrafts (for example Su-25,Mi-24, Mi-8, MiG-21, MiG-23 etc.). Whenever I select these aircrafts for any mission the game crashes. The size of Afghanistan terrain in my terrain folder is 16 Mb only. I'm afraid I did wrong with downloading of it. Is there any chance to have Afghanistan terrain for use of the abovementioned aircrafts and helicopters in my WOE?
  10. I also have done a great job with all my stock in WOE. It took me many years. Then why to switch to SF2 where so many things will not work? And that's too bad many SF2 aircrafts and their cockpits are not compatible with SF1. It is an impass! Of course it is not like with ETS 2 (trucks), which situatian is very stupid - they stamp new patches just about every month and then old mods and maps are not compatible with the new patch. The modders go behind with their mods and maps! Fantastic!. Of course I would like to have some features and planes from SF2 in my SF1, but no chance. So everyove have to decide himself/herself. The issue of compatibility between two versions should have been solved another way I think. But I am an amateur and guess that was impossible of course :-). Anyway SF1 and SF2 are the best simulators ever! Many thanks for them!
  11. Ok, many thanks for help, Gepard. I will try! Many thanks for help, Geary! I use Wing over Europe (patch Oct 2008), may be that's why I have no desert terrain and did not know where to find it for having desert.cat file
  12. Dear Geary, Sorry, I'm just an amateur, so I dod not understand what is the Strike Fighters Gold, where I can find the desert.cat. I looked through the terrains for SF1 and did not find it. Could you please give the exact link so I could make it the way you described.
  13. Hello, Gepard Well, as to the Persian Gulf and Suez2 terrains, i tried to change the cat file to desert\desert.cat and got this picture: runways dissapeared at all and white squares became much more greater. When chaning back to CatFile=..\GermanyCE\GermanyCE.cat, runways were returned back, and white squares became less. I do not understand why this problem dissapeared with Geary when he changed the cat. Please see attached images. One more issue is with the water graphics only when I switch the water quality to medium or high mode. No problem when in low mode. This problem occurs with the following terrains: Black Sea 2 (with water and grouns), Greece (water), Kamchatka (water and ground), Bering Straights (water), CubaOTC (water and ground). No problem at all with GermanyCE (upgraded to patch October 08), Black Sea and British Isles. As to my graphics cards: Intel® HD Graphics 4000 with the latest drivers dated 04.04.2016 and NVidea GeForce GT635M with the latest drivers 378.66 dated 09.02.2017. Other more heavier games performance is much more better than my favorite WOE SF1. I do not understand why these problems occur and performance is lower than of other games. Pls see the attached images, probably they will tell smth and we'll find the way out. Many thanks!!!
  14. SF2 MiG-23 & MiG-27 Floggers - Part 3

    Fantastic job! But why MiG-23BN and MiG-27 series always strive to turn right? They do not fly straigt and tend to the right. Is it OK?

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