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  1. I noticed that the R-13M in real life is painted to look like the AIM-9 with a dark grey tip and forward fins, however in the Strike Fighters 1 and 2 series, it's painted white. Is this a modelling error by Third Wire or were R-13Ms also painted white in real life?
  2. I don't mind the wait, but in the meantime I'd need help for the OOB.
  3. Since the release of SF2 Indian Ocean, it would be nice to recreate the 1999 Kargil War using the IndoPak map. Does anyone know the OOB for both sides involved in the war?
  4. How about a 1999 Kargil War expansion for this?
  5. WWII Tank Sims

    War Thunder and World of Tanks have some of the largest selection of WWII tanks in games but these aren't really sims per se. Which other sims have a similar choice of tanks? I'm particularly interested in Soviet tanks like the BT-7, KV-1/2, IS-2M/3, ISU-122/152, SU-85/100/122/152, T-70 and T-34-76/-85. Does Panzer Elite include them?
  6. Gunship! on Steam with mods

    Has anyone here been able to run the Steam version of Gunship! with mods, specifically the HeliSwapper or Mod M8?
  7. So I've been thinking, what if the Operation Desert Storm and SF2 Vietnam Extended add-ons might somehow be spiritual successors to Jane's USAF and the SF2 Israel Expansion add-on for Jane's IAF? I've even gone to the extent of having the background music for the Desert Storm and Vietnam campaigns from USAF as the main screen music in my SF2 installations! The same goes for the SF2 Israel Expansion, with the main screen theme replaced by IAF's BGM. However, I cannot recreate the future missions from Jane's IAF in the SF2 Israel Expansion due to the limit on the time-span of the years. How do I extend the time-frame to the 1990s and 2000s for the SF2 Israel expansion?
  8. I can only select the AIM-9H and drop tanks for the Tomcat. Is there a glitch/bug with the loadout?
  9. Are there any Israeli What-If F-5A/E around for SF2?
  10. That means I cannot load the drop tanks, ECM and countermeasures pods?
  11. It says the files are in unknown format or damaged. Do I have to download from mirror instead?
  12. Loadout issues? What do you mean?

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