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  1. I want my XP Back

    XP can officially be sold untill June 2008. I will discourage any havy user to use Vista because it has gigantic memory problems. If you use more than 2GB in a user profile, or more than 4GB for all programs running, you will get a CTD at best, an OS crash the rest of the time. Microsoft is aware of the problem but won't fix it because they think (!?) it is not a biggie. Who uses that much memory?? Well, for starters new games, like FSX with add-on planes and scenery, other new games, big sql queries on big databases.... They might fix it in Vista64.. I'll keep XP right next to my Ubuntu for gaming purposes.
  2. Fokker D XXI, Badly outnumbered and outclassed by the luftwaffe they performed admirable in may 1940 above the Netherlands. Same plane, badly outnumbered performed very good in the winter war for Finland.
  3. That would be the lumberjacks ?? Seriously though, great plane: thanks MF!
  4. Man I was getting confused figuring out why it worked for me, so I figured the M55 which is stock. But then why didn't it work for Ravenclaw...
  5. Ok, sorry but I am lost. I just tested it with standard SFP1 with only fly all migs and it does not happen. So I can fly SEAD missions with missions created in game. I hope someone else can be of help.
  6. Ok, still need something specific. What is your install, F-4F is not standard, so what have you added? Are you using a mission editor, if so: which? We are willing to help you, but you are not giving us much to work with. If it is a mission you are making can you post the mission?
  7. Sorry unable to help you without more information. It's working for me but I haven't played with WOE much.
  8. Which MiG are you trying to use? Not all MiGs are suited for SEAD. You can look in the data.ini for the roles it can perform.
  9. Your thoughts

    I agree that the not wanting to go active is pretty cowardly. Although I did not see battle (I served with the Dutch nuclear artillery and we have not had a nuclear conflict), I have had friends and family in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. I'd say he is a disgrace to the uniform.
  10. (il)legalities?

    Nobody, DaSpungie thought he might have offended me with the first reply. He didn't.
  11. (il)legalities?

    You did not offend or step on my toes. You did make it clear to me that I had to explain more. Because I work in IT, I know I am not really objective on the subject. I just wanted to know how others feel about it. The views of JediMaster were not my own, but I can see the logic / sense in it.
  12. (il)legalities?

    Ah Jedi, Thou are truly a master. I can't say these were my thoughts exactly but you have enlightened me!
  13. (il)legalities?

    I hope it does not enrages, that is not the intention. I am just curious about peoples perceptions. I am not really objective in this matter, although I do not work for a gaming company. It is not only about Il2, it is just as much about EAW and F4. I love to be able to tinker all I want, but that's why I buy all TK's stuff, use Linux next to my Windows and not only have MSFS installed but also Flight Gear. Eraser, I am not saying you are wrong, I just have another opinion.
  14. (il)legalities?

    I don't really agree that it's a bad analogy, it is somebodies else property your tinkering with, you only have the right to use it. You did not buy it like you buy a car, you bought the right to non exclusive use of the product, like a movie, a book or music. You have the right to listen to the music, but you don't have the right to change it. But I will take your analogy, but then I would say you are renting a place including the furniture instead of having bought it. Can you just change everything in the house against the will of the owner?
  15. (il)legalities?

    Interesting response, but I need to explain I see. I was not talking about actually aiding a criminal, I was thinking about a parallel with certain threads about software in these forums. So, I did not and will not give described information to any one (I like to be able to keep working for defense and government agencies) but I was trying to make a point. Hope this clears things up a little, sorry for the confusion. Thank you for the advice on my religion but I do know the bible...

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