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  1. Oh, i see. I installed the Old Mod not the HD version.
  2. Hello Guys and Girls? i also have the problem with the Weapons! Fly a Campaign with a CF-18 IMP II Lybia and it doesn't matter what mission i fly. when i go to loadouts everything is empty except for the inner wing pylons with sidewinders. i can't select fuel tanks or sniper pods. in the campaign ini the supply is limited to: Supply[001].WeaponType=Tank300_CF18 Supply[001].Quantity=24 Supply[002].WeaponType=GBU-12E_Grey Supply[002].Quantity=120 Supply[003].WeaponType=AIM-9L Supply[003].Quantity=40 Supply[004].WeaponType=Sniperxr Supply[004].Quantity=40 But I can't select anything of those manually. but all other possible weapons that the CF-18 doesn't have in this campaign. But when I'm in the loadout menu, I have all kinds of weapons to choose from, but I can't select them from my weapon pylons. I only noticed this when I flew a mission where I was already bingo with normal fuel before I got to the target. i wanted to install fuel tanks but i couldn't select them. What is wrong????? please help me. i know the mod or thred is older. Happy flying L2L
  3. Hi Folks, Sorry for my late introduction. I've been on board here for a few years, but have only ever been a spectator. I'd like to get actively involved as well and will put a couple mods here on the board. I have made a few modifications to F-14 (TW and TMF) cockpits, but specifically I am working on a graphical upgrade for the F/A-18 cockpit from Brain32. Especially on the DDI's My problem: Can someone help me redefine the textures for the ICP. For the F/A-18 A cockpit there is only one texture for the counters - DDI_Counter_1. I would like to have my own definition for the ICP. DDI_counter_3, because for the F/A-18C cockpit there are already two. (fuel) So that it looks in the end like this: The result till now is this: I make the whole Font as Glass Gauge. It's a free font it will match for the hud and DDi's but not for the ICP. (Like DCS F/A-18C) Nice Greets Lex
  4. F..., What entry i must make to see the Feet in Thousand? Mach readout i checked! but the feet....... I only get 1 per feet. in the Altitude Readout. I want to start in 1.000 feet. So i will see only the Thousands Count (10.000) Please, can anybody help me! Greets Lex
  5. Razbam A6-A cockpit

    Is this the right one, or Fake? http://www.razbamsims.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=1&products_id=51
  6. Hi, What entry i must make, to see the mach and alt readouts?
  7. THX Crusader for the reply! ok. i see. Got an A2A combat and i see what it does. But why is the altimeter fixed on 2000? this is under Radar alt (5000) it make no sense for me. I know how i can change it, but i woudnt if this value make sense (reality) BR Lex
  8. Hi ludo, thx for these cute nice perfect Mirage. I DL the Marge 200 and the Mirage CZ Late. i noticed, that in the M 200 the HUD works fine. on the M CZ (Late) the hud is fixt altidude at2000 and the horizon is also fixed. is it a bug or is this real? Best Rregards Lex
  9. Brain32 post the update zip here: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/75924-fa-18-series-by-the-hornet-team-beta/?page=3
  10. ...and cockpit lightning isn't there.... this is what i mean
  11. oh, i see. hmm.... OK i think i let it be. Thats more F/A-18C style i think. Great job!

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