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  1. Allright its now confirmed. The "Strike Fighters 2 - North Atlantic" addon kills my guns. I installed Strike Fighters 2, Vietnam, Israel, Israel Expansion Pack, Europe, Europe Expansion Pack and every time I enter a game the guns fire. As soon as I install "North Atlantic" no guns work anymore. EDIT: Well I found a solution: I just start the game with another .exe, like the "Strike Fighters 2 Europe" one. I still get the "North Atlantic"-planes like the F-14, but this time the guns work. Allright thanks.
  2. I think Im closing in on the problem: I just re-installed all the Strike Fighter 2 modules, and the weapons work - Up until "North Atlantic". Then the guns refuse to function -_-
  3. Hi. Im not using mods / unoffical addons, just the normal "Strike Fighters 2" releases. Here is a screenshot of my options menu, as you can see it recognizes my trigger inputs: I have one button for "Fire Primary Guns", one for "Fire Secondary Guns" and "Fire Selected Weapons" is also selected. However ingame the guns simply wont fire. No on-board cannons, no gunpods, nothing -_-
  4. Might be a simple solution, but I am really stuck: In the options menu I chose my main trigger on the joystick as the one to "Fire Primary Guns". My secondary trigger, the one under my thumb, was selected to "Fire Secondary Guns". Both triggers get recognized by the game. However ingame nothing happens. I select the machine gun, press the trigger - And nothing happens. If I select missiles I can fire them with the "Fire Secondary Guns" trigger.....But guns wont work. What is going on?
  5. No sound, and no upper tanks. I guess I have to copy the sound folder from the original F-16 folder, but no idea how to enable the tanks.
  6. Tornado GR1/GR4 for SF2 V4.0 by ianh755 seems to be the one with the more recent version number and has the bigger file, but Daves V3.0 Tornado is from 2016, so 3 years more recent. Which one has more features, is the "better" version?
  7. Well, it IS a campy B-Movie with Rutger Hauer and Malcolm McDowell....but apparently they got supported by the russian defense ministry, so you will get lots of jet-footage. All pictures are from the first 5 minutes so no Spoilers:
  8. You might remember by older thread were I installed Marcfighters Su-27 and YEYEYEs cockpit and got confused because YEYEYE mentions R-27 Alamo missiles in his .ini files, that dont appear in the loadout screens: http://i.imgur.com/AWSQW13.jpg But I really want a Su-27 with BVR missiles, its stupid only with shortrange IR-seekers...So I downloaded the Red Side Standart Weapons pack. I checked it, and it indeed has the AA-10 (R-27) missiles I want. One of them, the AA-10A, has the same name thats written in the Su-27s SU-27_LOADOUT.INI, "R-27R". At least the "model name" is R-27R, the "Full Name" and "Type Name" are different. Is that my mistake? http://i.imgur.com/cesBsqI.jpg Because the missile still doesnt appear in the Quick Combat loadout screen! What am I missing? Thanks in advance!
  9. Sorry but I just checked the Readme again (after I installed the RSS pack), and still no R-27. O_o Also I made a mistake, there is no mentions of any Weapons pack, neither by YEYEYE on his cockpit or Marc on his Su.27. But YEYEYE clearly references the R-27 in his .ini readme: http://i.imgur.com/AWSQW13.jpg How do I make that missile appear ingame? Did I install the weapons pack correctly? It belongs in Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 NorthAtlantic\Objects\Weapons right?
  10. Ah Im a retard....I thin the mentions a missile pack and I thought he meant its included...but you have to download it seperatly. Sorry....and thanks of course :D
  11. Just noticed Im not the only one, the last guy commenting also mentions he has no BVR missiles: http://combatace.com/files/file/15042-classic-flanker-cockpit-for-marcfighters-su-27/?st=10#commentsStart
  12. Classic flanker cockpit for Marcfighters Su-27

    I have the same problem as you. No "Alamo" missiles available.
  13. Sorry relative Noob here. I wanted to use Marcfighters Su-27 with YEYEYEs classic cockpit (as he intended to). The readme says I have to change certain things in various .inis. That worked fine. BUT: I just noticed the "Loadout.ini" refers to a R-27R missile - but I cant find the "Alamo" missile ingame. Whenever I start a quick mission it only gives me various Archers and Atolls. Am I missing something...? Thanks in advance!

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