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  1. Nice thanks! I will give this stuff a try.
  2. That's helpful, thanks. Sounds like generally ground targets are not targetable with radar. Any thoughts on the other questions? Visually targeting friendlies and ammo counter on the f-16?
  3. No idea why, but my original topic seems to have been removed or deleted or errored out or something. It's vanished from the forum. Anyway, a few SF2 questions from a newb to the series: 1. Was wondering if there is a way to see a gun ammo counter. @Fubar512 responded with the following: Only certain aircraft have ammo counters, as they do in real life. Of the stock aircraft in the series, only the F-16 and F-14A has a stores display (either on an MFD or ton he HUD, respectively), again, as they did in real life. Third-party models with their own dedicated cockpits also have stores displays (such as the F-18 series). Thanks that's helpful. Can you point me to where to find the gun ammo counter on the F-16? I can't find the counter anywhere, at least in Strike Fighters 2 Israel. It's an F-16A (so early model F-16) in case that matters. 2. I'm wondering how to visually target friendly ground units. This would help with situational awareness when flying CAS missions (supporting friendly ground units). @Snailman responded with the following: You can cycle them in the view and select them with "target closest to center". Also you can select them from external view with the same method. Also super helpful. Thank you! That seems to be the only way to target friendly ground units. Is there any other way to do so? I was hoping to be able to target them similar to how you can cycle through enemy ground targets using the E key. Is it possible to use the custom animation keys (miscellaneous commands) or something? Also @Snailman, what do you mean by "can select them from the external view?" Finally, one more piggyback question: Aircraft don't seem to be able target ground units using the radar. I'm assuming that's normal as a realistic feature.

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