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  1. I noticed something with the VF-84 skin for the F-14A_82. I thought it was odd that VF-84 was using its full-color skins in the '80s (Specifically El Dorado Canyon, and the North Cape '86 and Iceland '86 campaigns from the North Cape and North Atlantic expansion packs), so I consulted my old Squadron/Signal Publications book on the F-14 from the early '90s, and the photos of VF-84 Tomcats taken in the mid '80s all show a lo-viz paint scheme (for line birds; I'm sure squadron commanders and CAGs had their full-color liveries), but the Superpack doesn't have any lo-viz liveries for VF-84's F-14A_82s.
  2. Every flight I've done, I've never been able to trap aboard this carrier. I always touch down at about 140 knots, but the arrestor wires do next to nothing, and my aircraft veers hard to the right and either smashes into the island or flies off the deck. I've done so many traps in SF2 over the years, yet I can't seem to manage this one. Is there something wrong with the model?
  3. I've already edited the Indian Ocean and Vietnam Air-Ground Expansion Pack Endgame Linebacker '75 campaigns to take the Super Pack Tomcats. I'm referring to something like a Korea or Taiwan campaign. I distinctly remember the Korean campaigns from Fleet Defender, and most of the campaign modders for the various SF2NA packs have, understandably, created Atlantic and Med campaigns based on the Atlantic and Med campaigns from Fleet Defender. Specifically, I'm referring to the Powder Keg campaign from the SF2NA Med Crisis Pack, even having the same name and backstory from its Fleet Defender counterpart (an American response to Soviet and Libyan intervention in the 1982 Lebanon War) and the Fighting Withdrawal, Return to Narvik, and Kola Strike campaigns of the SF2NA North Cape Pack that are direct recreations of the three campaigns of the same name from Fleet Defender, as well as the aforementioned Southern Calm campaign that is a recreation of the Khyber Rifles 1990s campaign from Fleet Defender. I'd just like to see someone recreate the Korean campaigns and potentially do a Taiwan-based scenario just for fun. On a side note, have you created a livery for VF-103 (the Sluggers, not the post-1995 Jolly Rogers) F-14A_82s yet? It already exists for the VF-103 F-14A+_87s, but there's nothing for the '82s.
  4. I didn't think there was a way to do so anyway. Sucks, because I hardly ever play Single Missions and usually play a series of campaigns together as a sort of "career" mode. Thanks for the help, though. On a side note, are there ever going to be any Pacific campaigns for the Tomcat? The Pacific Fleet squadron skins look amazing as does everything else in the F-14 Superpack, and it's teeth-gnashingly annoying not to be able to accurately use them outside of single missions!
  5. How do you add the AI aircraft as wingmen in a campaign? I know how to edit the CAMPAIGN_DATA.ini files, but that only allows for a specific aircraft for each squadron, and obviously the AI-limited aircraft are treated as entirely separate aircraft. Thus, I could have the F-14_74 or F-14_74_AI listed for a squadron, but not both. I can simply change the aircraft type in the single mission loadout screen, but not in a campaign mission loadout screen. Is there a way I can fly the "regular" aircraft while somehow assigning AI aircraft to the rest of my flight?
  6. MiG-25R "Foxbat-B"

    Are you going to do the MiG-25RB eventually?
  7. Shahak Over Israel. SF2.

    Where is the Mk6A ejection seat model? I downloaded the files and it isn't in the "Pilots" folder.
  8. I've been using Stary's Ejection Mod for quite a while now, as well as the Mirage Factory F-14s, and I have some feedback and questions on these two. First of all, the ejection mod, from what I understand is not an "actual" ejection mod, in the sense that it actually simulates ejection. It's obviously part of the "fire" effects whenever an aircraft catches fire, so it happens even if the pilot is killed, which is 99.9 percent of the time with missile hits. This breaks immersion a bit (especially for me, as I'm a bit of an ejection seat fanatic) especially when I get hit by a SAM (happens a lot, especially if I get too close to Kiev in the SF2NA campaigns ;) and see the canopy sail off and the ejection animation, only to read the "XYZ has been killed in action" text on the debriefing screen after watching my character punch out 10 seconds earlier. It gets even worse when I hit a guy head-on with a missile and I see him punch out. Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I understand, head-on missile hits, especially from the large radar-guided missiles such as the AIM-7 Sparrow or AA-7 Apex, are almost always fatal to the pilot because they hit on or near the cockpit, not to mention the AIM-54 Phoenix which, based on what I've heard about Iranian F-14s during the Iran-Iraq War, had such a massive warhead that, when used against fighters, it simply obliterated the entire airframe and incinerated the pilot instantly, with, obviously, no ejection afterwards. Is there a way to modify the game's effects to randomize whether the ejection animation occurs during the fire effects, or eliminate it entirely under certain conditions? Also, the Martin-Baker GRU-7A made by Ravenclaw_007 for the MF F-14A and F-14B is missing two tiny details. When examining the seat model up close, the secondary (seat pan mounted, aka the d-ring between your legs if you're sitting in the seat) firing handle is absent, and the primary (face-curtain, or face-blind if you're British) firing handle is missing the distinctive red bar that you can easily see looking at actual examples or photographs of the GRU-7A. On the actual seat, the red bar is a piece of solid metal tubing that connects to the face-curtain itself, with the flexible black-and-yellow handles to give the crewman a clear object to grab when using the face-curtain to initiate ejection. I'm pretty sure that most of you guys and gals reading this know exactly what I'm talking about and what the red bar looks like. Instead, the two primary firing handles simply protrude from the seat's headrest. Is there a way to improve this? I don't mean to nitpick; I'm just trying to suggest some improvements that would make these mods even better and more immersive. I appreciate any replies from Stary and Ravenclaw_007 as well as anyone else that stumbles across this thread.
  9. I noticed that VF-103 Sluggers is included in the El Dorado Canyon campaign, but there's no skin for their Tomcats (I'm currently using the Mirage Factory Tomcat SuperPack 1.30). Is there a fix for this?
  10. Hello all, I've been playing a great deal of the SF2NA enhancement packs (Indian Ocean, North Cape, Black Sea, etc.) lately and I love them to death, especially with the Tomcat SuperPack from the Mirage Factory. I just finished a playthrough of the "Powder Keg" campaign on the Med Crisis mod, though (based on the campaign from ​Fleet Defender ​o​f the same name) and I have a bit of a problem. FYI, this is my second playthrough of this particular campaign, for reasons that I'm about to explain. The first time around, the Eisenhower Carrier Group (referred to hereafter as the ECG) took out both the Minsk Carrier Group and the Moskva Carrier Group in the first few missions, while the Soviet airborne units landed on Crete and started going after the Greeks (On both playthroughs, I flew an F-14A 82 with VF-143 Pukin' Dogs.) The Soviet Surface Group fell shortly thereafter to the ECG airstrikes, and then it settled into a rhythm of endless Libyan airstrikes versus the miniscule Greek forces on Crete and their air support while the Soviet paras and marines made it all the way to Chaina IAP, where they stayed for the rest of the campaign. The ground war on Crete stagnated, and with the arrival of the Kennedy Carrier Group (hereafter referred to as the KCG), the Soviets started hurling bombers at the ECG. I managed to hold off the raids with only the loss of the cruiser USS California, and the campaign ended with the Libyan Air Force all but destroyed with exception of two squadrons and Soviet forces holding their positions on Crete without advancing into the Greeks. Strangely enough, when the ECG and KCG merged in the last few missions, the ground attack planes (A-6s and A-7s) went on precisely ZERO missions, leaving the battered Soviets alone. The problem was, though, that after what I was sure was a victory (and the message "The order has been given to halt all air operations. This campaign is finished" on the final mission debriefing screen) I got the campaign defeat screen and text, despite the fact that the campaign, at least by my standards was a victory (only one ship lost, Soviet naval forces and Libyan Air Force destroyed, Soviet ground forces halted, carriers intact, etc.) I finished the second playthrough roughly 10 minutes ago and, without going into too much detail, the results were the same as last time yet I still got the defeat screen again. It seems to me like the campaign is unwinnable, and I have no idea how to fulfill the victory conditions. Again, I would assume that doing so well would mean a victory, but it just doesn't work. Do the Soviet ground forces have to be completely kicked of off Crete? In the campaign's current status, that is impossible, as the Greek ground forces on Crete are too weak to do much other than sit there and take the Soviet-Libyan onslaught, and once the KCG arrives, the ground attack planes don't do anything to take out whatever Soviets are left on Crete. I have no idea whatsoever how to "win" this campaign. If the Med Crisis mod creator is reading this, please help me! This is such a great mod and this seemingly unwinnable campaign is so annoying! Anyone who has any idea what is going on, please chime in on this thread. I'm sorry if this seemed long-winded, but I was frustrated and I had to go into detail about how the campaign played out so anyone reading this wouldn't have to ask too many questions. Thanks! P.S. I'm not knocking this mod or anyone. This is an amazing mod, as are all the mods I have for SF2, and I appreciate the time and effort that has gone into it. I'm just trying to provide constructive criticism to fix an issue.

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