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  1. F-104C-10 pit

  2. N1K1 Kyofu "Rex" by Pasko

  3. NF-104A

  4. I'm new, and I don't know how to target or fire my weapons. Any advice?
  5. I'd call that a good thing. Lol. You've just figured out how to turn air into jet fuel :)
  6. eastersun2.jpg

    Now that would make a great portrait.
  7. F-111 burn.JPG

  8. DSC_0217.jpg

    I remember strolling by that Spit in the same museum... It reminded me of how much the British helped us win the air war...
  9. DSC_0570.jpg

    What museum is that? Wright Patterson?
  10. b24.jpg

    What model of the B-24 is that?
  11. b172.jpg

    She's beautiful...
  12. Man tried to kill his Mother-in-Law with a anti-tank missile

    That reminds me of that scene from a James Bond movies where after a few massive explosions a computer geek jumps up, raises his arms and shouts, "I am invincible!!!"
  13. Which countries did you visit, when and how was it?

    I once went to Washington DC and it was so different from my small town in Indiana I thought I was in another country... Had it not been for the Hard Rock Cafe and all the American Flags I wouldn't have known, Lol. In two years I'm off to Germany and Sweden though.

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