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  1. unfinished Iron Eagle skins (shot on WoV w/ HDR) experimenting with F-5 base skin (using Jarinks template) Thud on cloudy weather (also on WoV w/ HDR)
  2. Well, I hail from Jakarta sir.
  3. Re-uploaded with screenshots. Waiting for the admins to approve it
  4. File Name: Macross Zero F-14 (Shin Kudo's ver.) File Submitter: New Guy File Submitted: 16 October 2012 File Category: F-14 Tomcat Skins Macross Zero (Shin Kudo ver.) skin for Mirage Factory F-14B Tested on Wings Over Vietnam Oct '08 patch. View the readme for details. Have fun! Click here to download this file
  5. Version 1.0


    Macross Zero (Shin Kudo ver.) skin for Mirage Factory F-14B Tested on Wings Over Vietnam Oct '08 patch. View the readme for details. Have fun!
  6. here's a comparison between Shin Kudo's Cat and generic Macross Zero one the generic skin is based on Kei Nagase's earlier work for old MF Cat though
  7. Gun Jams

    Yep, the AllowUnjamAttempt line is on AircraftObject.ini inside the .cat file. But AFAIK, there's no keystroke for SF for unjamming guns. Maybe by adding the entry from later series and making the controls .ini read-only?
  8. Hi fellas, been away from TW game busy for thesis... here's my WIP at recreating Macross Zero F-14A++ skin :D
  9. Macross Zero what-if, TMF F-14B '96
  10. Spitfire over stock sea texture... edited screenshots
  11. F-8 Crusader vs MiG-17 in Vietnam

    well, can't agree more with the points given in this thread... speaking from my own experience that extended, close-turning fight in an F-8 would get you killed if no energy management are employed, not counting the jammed guns by the abrupt maneuvering and missing excellent firing parameters as the result...
  12. Well, scratch it. Now it flies just fine, the trouble was one entry in the stab. Not by anyway related to the aerodynamics data. My fault for not checking it more thoroughly. Thanks for the advices sir!
  13. Uh, what I mean is the position coordinates mirrored exactly left and right, with thrust and pylon drag values are the same in each side... The Ymac values are as stated before. Any other place should I look for disrepancies? Sorry for the language mixup!
  14. Oops, my mistake. There were no asymmetric thrust from the engines and no asymmetric drag on the pylons either. Here's the Ymac values of the wing: [LeftWing] Ymac=-1.014 [RightWing] Ymac=1.014 [LeftOuterWing] Ymac=-2.2350 [RightOuterWing] Ymac=2.2350

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