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  1. Day/night, all weather, fast, low/hi, strike, anti-ship, CAS, recon, nuclear ... etc ;-)
  2. When you think, devils are immortal ... .. then meet real devil ... ;-(
  3. AGM-84A is CGR (or maybe I've it wrong ;-) ) with mass 530 kg, date 1976-1994 AGM-84C is ASM, 519 kg, date 1982-1993 ... both USN max diam=0.34 , max lenght=3.9 So weapon station to use these missiles must have : [RightOuterWingStation] LoadLimit=530 <- or more LengthLimit=3.9 <- and more AllowedWeaponClass=CGR, ASM AttachmentType=USN And ofc mission date must be in dates limits.
  4. 1981. Neu Brandenburg strike with fighter cover. ... on the way to the target ... ... strike ... ... escape ...
  5. SH-2G, Polish Navy

    Few photos taken today.
  6. Corsair have one of the best skins I've seen in SF2 ;-)
  7. Marking targets on A2G radar and I'm happy ;-)
  8. I'm busy last time, but German IDS is going slowly forward. It will be ready soon ;-)
  9. Don't stop my friend ;-)) It looks veeeeeery promising ;-)
  10. Depends on datas you have. If you know order of using tanks do it realistic. If you don't know I'm using tank the closest to CG as last. First fuselage tanks that are far from CG, then wings.
  11. Axis of rotations in 3d ;-)
  12. Jeeeeeez !!!!!!!!!!!!! We'll have the best F-5a with the best weapons I've ever seen ;-)))
  13. Same as Mossie, but they are light bombers rather ;-) Or attack planes.
  14. And B-26 is Spitfire of medium bombers. Just looks like movie star ;-) B-25 is also beauty, but hasn't this agression ;-)
  15. Me too ;-) The best planes for fun !
  16. Dont forget RadarFamilyName. This thing is used by plane RWR. In flight folder you can find files like RWR_MIG-25.tga it's symbol, that will be displayed on RWR. [DetectSystem] TargetType=AIR RadarFamilyName=2S6 RadarSearchTime=2.0 In plane folder /cockpit/rwr is list file [something].LST. It is translating RadarFamilyName for correct symbol : 222=RWR_222.tga 2S6=RWR_2S6.tga A-4=RWR_A-4.tga A-6=RWR_A-6.tga A-7=RWR_A-7.tga A50=RWR_Mirage2kd.tga A-130=RWR_A-130.tga
  17. I had this issue when changed Tonka from fighter to bomber even with freefalls. My clue are internal guns. However it's very mysterious ;-)
  18. I think JP233 was better as anti-airstrip wepoan, but MW-1 is generally better idea than JP. Much better.
  19. So it's great result !! ;-)
  20. Something like rain, but all metal ;-)

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