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  1. PR-14A Transloaders

    Eye candy ;-)
  2. BM-21 Grad on Ural Track

  3. Panamax Motor Vessel Target

    Better than stock ships ;-) Small addon. Lights. lights for Panamax.7z
  4. Just download manual for it (is easy to find in net) and read few pages. Level of avionics simulation is incredible.
  5. Cause only graphic is old in this game;-) It has amazing mission planner and simulation of avionic failures. Even autopilot has 4 modes. ALARM can be fired in direct or indirect (climb and search) modes. LOFT for freefalls has correct HUD. You can drop bombs manualy or leave it for MCU (you must only keep allowance pressed). You can (must) select target for LGB manualy etc. Amazing game ;-)
  6. AlphaJet A Skinpack

    Piece of art ;-)
  7. You have new Mk.10 seats ??? Veery good ;-)
  8. And if you wonder why nuclear war never happend in Europe .. Tonkas were part of it. Just too dangerous to ignore them. They never weren't same level as Su-17/20/22. Tonka's inertial navigation system was far over any plane of it's time. It's ability for AA defense penetration was just class for it's own. They were our enemies, but I felt in love from 1st Tonka photo I saw ;-) Just amazing, fucking predator !
  9. I was 8 and in Warsaw Pact when they started their duty .. Now I'm 49 and in NATO ... and they are still flying ...
  10. What Caliber Weapon Is Needed To Kill These Things?

    You are all wrong. They are JAPANESE hornets ... so only Godzilla ...
  11. I did same trick for radars to use HARMs ;-) But in this case i used formula MaxVisibleRange is half of radar range plus 2km (useful for short range AA radars) .
  12. I've set CVN for 100km and patrol boats for 15. Cruisers 70, destroyers 60, frigates 40 or 50 ... can't remember. Civil ships depending how big they are ;-)
  13. I've changed MaxVisibleDistance in GroundObjects for all ships ;)
  14. The best ammo for A(not so)I are freefalls and ARM. They really can do miracles with other weapons ;-)
  15. Well, they are in NATO Nuclear Sharing ...
  16. Yes, but I need something different 1st, so ECR and GR.4 .
  17. Preparing for ECR.... so , MFG won't be final standart. 2.0 will be . 3d model at least 99% correct (corrected, remapped and reskinned), improved (centered) HUD and cockpit with new skins and almost no bugs ...

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